No Swell, No Contest: Quik Postpones Mavs Event

Huntington Beach, California — (NYSE:ZQK) Quiksilver announces that the 2001 Quiksilver/Mavericks “Men Who Ride Mountains” Big Wave Event will be postponed until next year.

The contest window unfortunately expired before contest organizers could find the “right” day to lay it all on the line and challenge some of the best big-wave riders at one of the world’s most spectacular and menacing big wave venues. “A great deal of hard work and camaraderie went into the preparation for this event. We had every base covered and we were ready to go, but Mother Nature did not cooperate,” says contest director, Jeff Clark. “We appreciate all of the support and interest from fans, media and all involved in organizing this event. Stay tuned for next year when we will be ready to make it happen.”

[IMAGE 1]The 2001 season saw some of the most incredible big wave surfing in recent history. Two of this winter’s highlights were the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau at Waimea Bay, Hawaii and the tow-in day at Cortes Banks, 100 miles off the Southern California Coast. The day at The Banks made history. Peter Mel, Ken Collins, Mike Parsons, and Brad Gerlach were towing in to 60-foot walls of water. Meanwhile, the elements at Mavericks did not come together in the manner of perfection required to hold the event as it did the previous two years, when Quiksilver was proud to crown Flea Virostko as Mavericks Champion.

“The Cortes Banks day was probably the best chance Quiksilver had to hold the Mavericks event this year. Their decision, in respect for the Aikau event, the Aikau champion Ross Clark Jones, and the Aikau family, to let Mavericks take a bow until a later date changed history,” says Peter Mel, a Maverick’s invitee. “If Quiksilver would have called the contest, it is possible the Cortes Banks day would never have been witnessed and the boundaries of tow-in big wave surfing would not have been pushed.”

Quiksilver is looking forward to the winter of 2001/2002 in anticipation of crowning a Quiksilver/Mavericks “Men Who Ride Mountains” champion once again.

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