North Shore Standouts

Tom Curren
“It was great to see him out there. It’d been a long time since I’d seen him (at Pipeline), and I’d heard rumors that he was intimidated by Pipe, but I think it was just anxiety from not surfing out there for so long. I can’t even tell you how stoked I was to catch a wave, turn around, and see him on the next one. It was like I caught one and he caught its big brother.”-Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater
“Kelly seemed mellower and less worried about the tour this year, and I think that’s made him surf better. We got to surf a lot together away from the circus, and from what I saw, he was surfing better than ever.”-Benji Weatherly

Dustin Barca
“His motivation is right where it should be, and he’s taken full advantage of his sponsorship from Oakley by staying right there at Off The Wall. Barca’s definitely more psyched than ever.”-Danny Fuller

Sunny Garcia
“Sunny’s a past champ at a lot of these breaks, and a lot of people look up to him. He’s a real strong and intense surfer, and his surfing matches these waves.”-Jamie O’Brien

Ola Eleogram
“Our Quiksilver house is right there at Off The Wall-he’s too lazy to go anywhere else. He does good top turns out there and really good flyaway kickouts, but he never pulls ’em off.”-Cheyne Magnusson

Kalani Chapman
“Kalani always finds the good spots and taps into the best waves there. He’s really tuned in to his backyard-which is the entire North Shore.”-Tamayo Perry

Luke Steadman
“Luke’s a very rhythmic surfer. He’s really in touch with the ocean, his equipment, and his surfing-that’s what makes him a great surfer.”-Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew

Flynn Novak
“Flynn has really come into his own lately. Look at the guys he surfs with all the time-Fred, Moody, Joel Centeio at Rocky Point, and Kalani Chapman and Jason Frederico at Pipe. He’s hanging with the right crew at the right spots and getting set waves.”-Jeff Bushman

Stephen Koehne
“Steph’s out there every single day, three times a day. All the shit he’s had to put up with from the older guys has made him stronger. He put his head to the grindstone and paid his dues-and now it’s paying off.”-Kala Alexander

Aamion Goodwin
“I’m jealous of Aamion’s long arms-he’ll catch a wave from out of nowhere-but I’m not jealous of how tall he is, because he makes big barrels look smaller than they really are.”-Dave Wassel

Randall Paulson
“Randall has been getting the biggest and best waves. He’s also riding the barrel as good as anybody. It takes a lot of mental strength to do what he’s doing out there.”-Strider Wasilewski

Jason Frederico
“He’s by far one of the hardest chargers at Pipe-and the most underground. He’s not one to talk a lot. He’s all about action.”-Garrett McNamara

Peter Mendia
“He stands out because he’s got blonde hair and he’s tall. No, for real, though, he just loves it over there. I surfed with him a lot this year, and he was ripping-he’s got crazy amounts of power.”-C.J. Hobgood

Jesse Merle-Jones
“Merle has one of the gnarliest backhand snaps in the world. He’s so short and ripped out that he can do it on any wave, too. He also has random, skitzy moments where he’ll go on any wave at Pipe.”-Mark Healey