North Shore Surfer Chris Owens Paddles From O’ahu To Kaua’i Overnight Through Shark Infested Water.

From the “Are you f–king kidding me!!” files…

Chris Owens, a longtime North Shore surfer/punk rocker/skater, paddled from Mokulei’a, near the westernmost tip of O’ahu, to Nawiliwili Harbor on the southeast side of Kaua’i in just over 22 hours.

He left the tiger-shark-infested part of O’ahu at around dusk, paddled through the night, puked a couple times from seasickness (the Kaua’i Channel is super rough), had a bowl of soup at dawn, saw land, and powered his way through nearly a whole ‘nother day of paddling until finally arriving to Kaua’i at 3:32 pm.

A bit about Chris: He’s a forty-something single father (last time I checked), surfs Pipe and Waimea religiously, is a throwback 70s punk rocker (you should have seen him at the TSOL show at Bruce’s birthday last year), and takes his son all around the island to surf contests and events. He’s just a great guy and you can find him every morning at the Pupukea Starbucks. Buy this man a cup of coffee!!

Longtime North Shore lifeguard Dave Yester was more than impressed: “This is one of the greatest feats of human endurance I’ve ever witnessed, says Yester, who accompanied Owens on theescort boat. “I’m in absolute awe. To paddle through that slop the whole night, alone, in the dark? I mean, we were all getting nauseous on the boat.

Owens caught a wave and kneeboarded (What Chris? Too tired to stand up?) into the Nawiliwili Harbor to a crowd of cheering surfers and spectators. This was Owens second try (his first was in May) and the feat has only been pulled off once before–by a man appropriately named Gene “Tarzan Smith, way back in 1940.