North Shore Update

North Shore Update

The Sunset event ran yesterday in clean, yet really windy, six to eight foot surf. Standouts were Sunny Garcia (again), Bruce, Andy, and Tim Reyes, who officially qualified for the WCT. Congratulations, Tim, you made the big leagues. The comp is on the final day right now; stay tuned for a full report.

Happy 23rd birthday to Mark Healey. The young Eddie invitee celebrated his birthday in style although he wasn’t able to slap any high fives or shake any hands due to a nasty cut on his hand from Pipe a couple days ago. Speaking of injuries, Reef McIntosh is back on the North Shore after taking a few days off to recuperate from a knee gouge. According to Reef, he could see his kneecap bone after smacking it on the reef.

The opening ceremonies for the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational were held yesterday at Waimea Bay. The event is in its twentieth year and has a waiting period that runs until the end of February. Members of the Aikau family were on hand to bless the competitors and spread aloha–which was the central theme to the afternoon, along with showing respect to fellow waveriders and caring for the ocean we all live for and use. Thanks to Quiksilver for putting on such a moving and special event. Check out the official Web site at for more information.

“The Mystic premier was a blast. The movie, produced by Bill Ballard and edited by Jason Lau, is really cool and has some Chile and Desert Point footage that is amazing. The Waialua Community Center was packed, it seemed as if the whole North Shore was there, including Doug Silva, Braden Dias, Rico Jimenez, Kelly Slater, Mark Cunningham, Aamion Goodwin and Ballard’s lovely girlfriend, Cara Hemperley.

The after party for the flick was nuts. Hundreds of people packed “Breakers, a bar and restaurant owned by Benji Weatherly’s mom in Haleiwa, and sucked down booze, sweated on the dance floor and generally tore shit up (in a good way). Good times were had by all, and the party went late into the night. Even though I’ve got a pounding headache today, thanks for the free drink tickets Billygoat!