Notes From Tahiti: Slater MIA, West Swell To Kick Some ‘CT Ass

With a west swell just now filling in, the 2008 Billabong Pro is set to get underway tomorrow at 7am Tahiti time. There are a couple things to note with this…

Where’s Kelly?
Eight Time World Champion and three-time event champion Kelly Slater was at the Lakers game (courtside no doubt) when I left for Tahiti last Thursday and hasn’t been spotted here yet. Knowing Kelly and his now standard game of cat and mouse, he’ll most likely show up just in time for his heat tomorrow and wax everyone.

Hell Swell
The swell that’s coming has more west in it than anything anyone’s seen down here. That means crazy ass wedges and lots of carnage. I think this will benefit the goofy footed surfers and the top regulars like AI, Bruce, Kelly, Jamie O and Fanning.

That’s it for now, log on to tomorrow morning and blow your lame job off for a few hours, just make sure to have that minimize button ready to click should your boss roll by!–Justin Cote