Team managers, put down your pencils–Dane Reynolds now rides for Quiksilver. California's golden child has signed a multiyear contract with Quiksilver clothing and wetsuits. We tried to find out how much Quik is paying Dane, but tight-lipped Todd Kline wouldn't budge, simply stating, “Let's just say he'll be able to buy me lunch a few times.”

We were misinformed last month and we'd like to say Sanoe Lake does not ride for Analog Clothing. She is happily riding for Billabong Girls and has been for the last few year years. She's in love with her Billabong gear.

DVS has added three new riders to its surf team. World Tour veteran Pat O'Connell joins the team, as well as Mike Todd and Jon Rose. All three of these guys live in Orange County, so you can be sure to see crazy DVS representation at Salt Creek. Jon Rose can also be seen on the hot MTV show Surf Girls. Jon was a judge and dished some shit on the girls. He may have been the most awesome part of the show.

In environmental news, a marine conservation organization SeaWeb, and the Ocean Wilderness Network, a nonprofit coalition of regional and national organizations dedicated to protecting the ocean, just launched Less Than One, which is a California-based campaign calling for greater protection of the ocean. The Surfrider Foundation is part of the Ocean Wilderness Network and has been playing a big part in this campaign. This campaign highlights how little of our ocean is protected (less than one percent) and urges California residents to act now to protect our seas and the life within. For more information, go to

Congratulations go out to new roommates Bron Heussenstamm and Dave Pinto, who will be attending USC in the fall of 2003! Both were accepted to University of Southern California and are currently taking up residence near the school in Los Angeles, California. Just for the record, Bron got a 4.0 at Saddleback College, making him smart and good-looking.

Rip Curl has just released the world's first stitchless boardshorts. “Combining 21st century technologies with its constant search for technological innovation and progression has driven Rip Curl to reinvent the boardshort for the new millennium,” states Rip Curl's press release. Teamrider Mick Fanning says, “They feel really light to wear and fit incredibly well. They're the best boardshorts I've ever worn, mate.”

On July 31, the Surfing Walk of Fame in Huntington Beach, California will add a few new names to the list of legends (honored in cement in front of Jack's Surfboards). The Walk of Fame is located on the corner of PCH and Main St. The inductee class of 2003 will join honorees from the past nine years at a gala dinner at the all-new Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach. Inductees include surf pioneer Mike Doyle, 1989 ASP World Champion Martin Potter, local legend Chuck Linnen, and Marge Calhoun, winner of the women's Makaha International Surfing Championships in 1958. Also added are Surfing magazine's Photo Editor Larry “Flame” Moore and genius inventor Tom “Y” Morey.

Red Bull held its second Red Bull 5X Challenge. The contest was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and featured five of Santa Cruz's best: Peter Mel, Adam Replogle, Daryl “Flea” Virostko, Shawn “Barney” Barron, and Anthony Ruffo. The competitors each throw five bucks into a hat and hit the surf for a 90-minute slash, air, and tube festival. The session is filmed, then viewed by the five surfers. The surfers then judge each other in five categories–torque, boost, mojo, pussh, and combo. Basically, whoever was ripping the hardest wins the money pot and the pride of beating four other dudes. This day was all Peter Mel. He ripped everyone and won a whopping 25 dollars (five of which was his own).

In other Red Bull news, Greg Long from San Clemente, California put on an awesome display of big-wave surfing to dominate a world-class field and win the 2003 Red Bull Big Wave Challenge in fifteen-to-twenty-foot surf off Cape Town, South Africa.

Ozzie Wright is coming to America. He'll be here for a month and will be displaying his work at the Volcom store in Los Angeles. His paintings will be up until October first. Go check out Ozzie's art on the walls of 126 South La Brea. Call (323) 933-2442 for more information.

Volcom has also just rented out a beachfront house to accommodate its many traveling teamriders. The exact location is under wraps, but we can tell you it's in Newport Beach. Volcom house residents Jay Quinn, Matt Bemrose, Zahn Foxton, Kamalei Alexander, Tom Dosland, Stephen Kohne, Nick Guilarte, and Travis Beckmann will be lurking around the Newport area by late July.

Flea is healing from a break in the elbow area. He broke himself during a small beachbreak session in Mexico, but should be just fine by the time this magazine hits the shelves.

Tyler Smith, Joey Hutson, and Chris Lynch are heading off on a two-month European road trip. We don't know if they brought their surfboards, but we do know they brought skateboards. Apparently they plan on spending five and a half weeks in Amsterdam and the rest of the time traveling around France.

Kelly Slater was featured in a full-page interview of the July 13, 2003 edition of the New York Times Magazine. Kelly fields questions about his new book Pipe Dreams, Pam Anderson, Baywatch, and other topics. It's a really good interview, so fans of Kelly should check it out.

Savier has released a rocking bag called the Studio Backpack. The bag is equipped with surround-sound flat speakers and a little amplifier that bumps it, brah. You may remember when SI Speakers were featured a while back in TransWorld SURF. Well, now you have the best of both worlds–a backpack that holds skateboards, water bottles, and gear, along with a sound system you can rock to while cruising on your bike or board.

Danny Fuller has been busy lately entertaining a Victoria's Secret model as well as acting alongside Carrot Top in a new 1-800-Collect commercial. Look for Danny in the tube at Pipeline this winter.

Dingleberries Surfing Products has invented a new thermometer that sticks to your board. It's cool because you can be sitting out in the lineup and when someone's all, “Dude, it's so warm out here,” you can be all, “I know, bro. It's exactly 72 degrees.”

The Conforti twins are back in the clothing ring with a hot new line of gear for rockers, rippers, and everyone else. The line's called Con 40 and can be checked out at Help support independent clothing designers.

We're not perfect. In the last issue of TransWorld SURF we misnamed a sequence. The huge tow-in barrel on page 104 was not Raimana–it was Manoa Drollet. Both guys are legends, so hopefully they won't be too mad.