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Where Would The Pros Go?If anyone knows about surf trips, it’s the men who circle the globe year-round for contests, photo trips, and even a vacation every once in a while. We asked five top pros where they would go if they could only go on one surf trip this year.Pat O’Connell: “Tavarua-so nice, good waves. I think everybody would say Tavarua. It’s just so perfect. If you haven’t been there, you should go there.”Tory Barron: “Reunion Island, for sure! It’s an island owned by the French that’s exactly like Hawai’i-the water, the smells, the sounds. I was there with Mikala and Shibata, and it felt like we were in Maui. If you’ve never been to Reunion, it’s so sick, it’s so sick.”Shawn Barron: “A boat trip to Indo, anywhere in Indo. The consequences are your life, but it’s definitely paradise for a surfer. All my friends who have gone lately have scored, so I’d for sure go there.”Benji Weatherly: “Bali, because the food flows like the salmon of Capistrano, and the waves are warm and cute. I’ll see you there bronzing at Dreamland with a midnight-oil shake.”Bruce Irons: “Tahiti, because you’re your not gonna get skunked, and if you do it’s still an amazing place just to hang out in.”