Noteworthy – Amazing Moments 4.3

Backward Surfer Rips PipelineHere’s the first-ever published shot of the infamous Backwoods Backward Bill McNiell of Ontario, Canada. He’s the guy famous for doing everything backward. When he was thirteen he lost all his pubic hair and his voice changed to a high-pitched squeal. When he was fifteen he ran a marathon backward and finished last. When he was twenty he drove his car in reverse the wrong way through a McDonald’s drive-through and asked what the cashier wanted, then cooked her a burger. Now at 30 years old, Backwoods Backward Bill McNiell is charging Pipe. Backward, amazing!

Faithful LaybackReligious surfer Larry Wrenkle has been having trouble with his layback slashes lately. His solution is turning to prayer. Here we have captured Larry in mid layback asking his God, “God, can I ask you for a favor? Can you please stand me back up from this heinous layback? Amen.” God’s a cool guy, so after this shot was taken, he helped Larry off his back and stood him right up.

Lunatic Fights Invisible Wave SnakesThe obviously disturbed surfer shown here has been captured kicking, punching, and screaming at invisible dudes he claims are “stealing my waves and putting me on a mind-warp hell ride”. Previous to this shot, the surfer pictured splashed water at nothing and screamed, “If you snake me again, I’m gonna bite you, you terrible ass-eater!” This verbal thrashing of the invisible crowd went on for hours until the surfer was seen running away from the beach, dodging invisible punches from invisible local ruffians.