Noteworthy-Behind The Cover 4-2

Behind The Cover: Dane Reynolds

Being sixteen years old and the youngest person ever featured on the cover of TransWorld SURF, you’d think Dane Reynolds would be on top of the world-all the girls at school would be calling him, his friends would be asking him for his autograph, and Rip Curl would double his salary. After all, he went to mainland Mexico for his sponsor Rip Curl, shot with Santa Cruz super photographer Dave Nelson, watched his teammates pick up chicks and ride bulls, surfed really fun waves, and got tons of coverage for it. But when we called and asked him what he thought of it, he was slightly less giddy than we thought he might be, stating, “I didn’t think it the cover was that good-probably because it was me. Someone else probably thought it was better. I guess I’m too critical.”

Well, we liked it.-A.C.