Noteworthy-Book Reviews 4-4

The Surfer’s Journal has put out an amazing series of books, with each volume containing an archive of images from an individual who’s made an enormous impact in the sphere of surf photography. These books are an excellent addition to any surfer’s library: they’ll make you want to surf or at least remind you why you started.

Masters Of Surf Photography, Volume One: Jeff Divine

Jeff Divine came onto the surf photography scene at the same time that the shortboard revolutionized the surfing world. This book’s images span the 30 years he’s spent documenting surfing: the decade he lived shooting the full-on psychedelic North Shore scene of the 70s, his both frustrating and fulfilling seventeen years as the photo editor of Surfer magazine, as well as his worldwide travels. Most of these shots are instantly recognizable to those who have spent any time perusing surf magazines.

Masters Of Surf Photography, Volume Two: Art Brewer

Art Brewer’s parents gave him an eerily appropriate name. This volume demonstrates the wide range of his talent, from mind-blowing surf action to award-winning studio and fashion photography. With each shot illustrating his artistic eye, it’s no wonder that Art Brewer’s name has become synonymous with surf photography.

Photo: Grannis, Surfing’s Golden Age 1960-1969

Although LeRoy Grannis began surfing at a young age, he didn’t venture into surf photography until his early forties, when a midlife ulcer brought him back on the surf scene. His book chronicles each year of the 60s during the height of surf culture: the Beach Blanket Bingo-esque shots of Malibu, behind-the-scenes images during the making of Big Wednesday, and many more images taken all over Southern California and Hawai’i.

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