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The Foster’s Cup At Lower Trestles
If Lowers is Lowers then Uppers should be Highers, right?
There’s a problem with the naming of the Trestles in San Clemente, California. Lower Trestles and Upper Trestles. Lowers and Uppers. If Lowers is Lowers then Uppers should be Highers, right? And if Uppers is Uppers then Lowers should be Downers, right? We should’ve just named both of them “The Point.”Lower Trestles plays no favorites. Everyone has to walk down the dusty trail, risk crossing the train tracks, and decide if they want to tread through the swamp trail. The wave favors neither goofy-foots nor regular-foots nor rail gougers like Taylor Knox nor aerialists like Shea Lopez. Both Knox and Shea appeared to be favorites marching toward the final of the Foster’s Cup 2002 on the windy and partly cloudy Saturday afternoon at Lowers. The early rounds saw some of the younger surfers making a charge. San Clemente residents Dane and Patrick Gudauskas traveled the short distance down the coast from their local spot Riviera to last through five rounds in the consistent head-high surf at Lowers. Huntington resident and young-gun Shaun Ward also stamped his mark on the contest, lasting all the way to the quarterfinals, where he surfed strong and did a seamless reverse on a right but ultimately fell to veterans and WCT surfers.In the quarterfinals Shea Lopez was a crowd favorite-launching aerials at will on the wedging lefts. Later in his quarterfinal heat, he was asked to exit the water after receiving his second interference. Knox also faltered before reaching the final. He started his semifinal heat with a good score and needed a 7.81 to advance-he scored 8.25. Seconds later, Dean Randazzo took off on a right, edging out Taylor and earning himself a berth in the final behind heat winner Mike Todd. The other semifinal featured C.J. and Damien Hobgood, Dave Pinto, and Jeff Deffenbaugh. Deffenbaugh and Pinto surfed well, but in the end it was the Hobgoods making the impossible sections and linking turns to the inside that gave them the nod to the final. The final began with C.J. taking an early lead. Mike Todd answered with a series of frontside carves-throwing more water than any other competitor. Ten minutes into the 30-minute final, C.J. and Mike were tied. Moments later, C.J. caught a left-launching an air on the inside after several strong turns on the outside. Then he did it again on another wave, and after his first air on that wave, almost pulled a second. Damien and Dean never got into a rhythm and lessened their chances by getting double interferences on each other. The ocean went flat for the last half of the final. Mike Morgan, the Chick Hearn of surfing, counted down the last five seconds, and C.J. paddled in with the victory.-Tim Dowell

Official Results Of The 2002 Foster’s Cup At Lower Trestles
1.C.J. Hobgood
2.Mike Todd
3.Dean Randazzo
4.Damien Hobgood

Official Results Of The WCT 2002 Quiksilver Pro Fiji
1. Michael Lowe $30,000
2. Shea Lopez $16,000
3. (tie) C.J. Hobgood $10,000
Cory Lopez $10,000

Men’s Top Ten WCT Ratings After The Quiksilver Pro In Fiji
1. Andy Irons 3,612 points
2. Cory Lopez 2,988 points
3. Shea Lopez 2,928 points
4. Luke Egan 2,724 points
5. C.J. Hobgood 2,688 points
6. Mark Occhilupo 2,640 points
7. (tie) Mick Lowe, Joel Parkinson 2,568 points
9. Kalani Robb 2,556 points
10. Sunny Garcia 2,523 points