Noteworthy-Eddie 2002 4.3

Kelly Would GoSlater wins 50K at the Bay.

When Kelly Slater was a twelve-year-old resident of Cocoa Beach, Florida, he had dreams. He dreamed of beating Tom Curren and being the best surfer in the world. He dreamed of world titles, international surf trips, and mastering big Pipeline. Over the last decade he has fulfilled all of those dreams, most of them a few times. The one thing he did not set out to do was become a big-wave charger. But on January 7, 2001, Slater added the prestigious “Eddie” title to his list of accomplishments in perfect, 25-foot Waimea Bay surf.The one-day invitational event was held in very surfable, light offshore conditions, and the announcement of the event virtually turned the Kam Highway into a parking lot. More than 5,000 spectators crowded the bay, and the early arrivals were treated to a couple close-out sets that cleaned up the entire lineup.Slater got off to an early start and held on all day. In his first heat, he surfed against Brock Little, Braden Diaz, Myles Padaca, Tony Ray, and 1999 Eddie winner Noah Johnson, scoring 307 points out of a possible 400 to win the heat. “When I was a kid, I set out to win world titles, and Pipe contests, and stuff, but I never really had my heart set on the Eddie contest. As a kid I never really thought I’d be a big-wave surfer, but everything just kind of went my way out there today,” said Slater to a beach full of press and photographers.-Matt Patterson

Final ResultsPointsPrize $1. Kelly Slater319$50,0002. Tony Ray317$10,0003. Paul Paterson316$5,0004. Noah Johnson3145. Ross Clarke-Jones2636. John Gomes2627. Brock Little262