Noteworthy – Four must-see videos 4.3

Here’s a quick reference guide of three new videos you must acquire immediately. If you do not acquire these following videos, you will be labeled as a loser.1.The Rising- Awesome jaw-dropping shred sessions that will make you shit yourself. Great soundtrack, post-modern editing, and all the young stars. Rise up and get The Rising!2.156 Tricks- The Ozz-umentary and art-trash classic. Do yourself a favor and get this video. It’s a weird science project where a lab-produced specimen escapes and does massive rapid-fire airs. Included inside is a super soundtrack and visual mayhem. 3.Progression VM 7 DVD- The world’s leading surf video magazine brings a slew of new slashes, airs, and barrels. The freshest editing and latest action makes Progression VM 7 a must-have. Also, be on the look out for Progression VM 8-Coming soon!4.MonTaj- Matt Gye brings the pain as Taj Burrows holds the reign as the air-master of the world. MonTaj is an Aussie delight filled to the gills with Taj at his finest. This video should already be in your VCR so hurry!

Progression VM Giveaway!Get a pen, get a piece of paper, get an envelope, get something! Here’s your chance to win a copy of the Progression 7 DVD as well as the brand new Progression VM 8 featuring Ross Williams, Jay Phillips, Dan Malloy, West Oz, and more! Simply send seven reasons why you should get a free copy of the new Progression and you could win your very own!Send entries to: TransWorld SURFAttn: Progress me!353 Airport RoadOceanside, CA 92054