Noteworthy Inventions – 4.5

Noteworthy InventionsWhen those pesky wetsuit companies fail to provide you with a key holder, what are you to do? Stash your keys within a thief’s grasp in some bush? Hold your key in your mouth? Hold the key in your holiest of holes? No, simply get your hands on a Rescue Cap. The combination-locking gas cap will keep your key and car safe while you’re out ripping. No more climbing under the car for your stash-spot. The Rescue Cap is the perfect invention for anyone who’s ever had a car stolen. Speaking of that, here’s a chance to win one of five Rescue Caps!Check out the Rescue Cap at www.rescuecapsrus.comSimply send a postcard to: TransWorld SURF Rescue Me!353 Airport RoadOceanside Ca, 92054