Noteworthy-Slang – 4.6


Broismsbropponent-When there’s a bro in your contest heat. Example: “Uh-oh, Justin’s in my next heat, and he says he’s gonna rule me-I hate surfing heats with a bropponent!”

Mount Brolympus-A ski resort where all the bros hang out. Example: “Dude, Snow Summit got three inches last night, and all the bros are ripping-it’s Mount Brolympus.”

broligarchy-When a small group of bros run a break. Example: “Jason, Josh, and Sage think they have a Broligarchy-they told me to leave the pier yesterday, and now I can’t rip there.”

broccasion-A bro’s birthday, anniversary, or special event. Example: “Hell yeah, today is the second anniversary of Joel’s first off-the-lip. It’s a total broccasion-let’s party.”


Egg.D.D.-A condition in which someone’s eggy and has a low attention span. Example: “Aaron, sit down and quit grabbing at my nut. Do you have Egg.D.D.?eggstraterrestrial-A foreigner who’s always eggy. Example: “Bill just showed up from Australia, he’s like an eggstraterrestrial.”Eggo waffle-Someone who’s extra eggy for an extended period of time. Example: “Dude, Stacie’s been eggy all week-she’s Eggo waffle.eggressive-When someone is eggy and aggressive at the same time. Example: “Miller wouldn’t quit splashing me this morning. He was so eggressive.”eggotistical-An eggy person who talks about himself too much. Example: “Johnny’s eggotistical-he’s never happy and talks about his ripping surf sessions all the time.”eggsplode-When an eggy person gets angry and blows up. Example: “Joe was super eggy when Checky started bugging him. Then he just eggsploded and kicked his ass.”eggsotic-A chick who’s eggy and hot. Example: “Heather’s never nice, but she’s so hot-she’s eggsotic