Noteworthy-Surf Slang – 4.9

Noteworthy-Surf Slang

albrotross-a bro who surfs with his arms spread out.
Example: “When Sage flies down the line, he literally flies like an albrotross.”

brommando-a bro who doesn’t wear underwear.
Example: “I’d totally give Pete a wedgie, but I can’t-he only goes brommando.”

broliosis-a bro who surfs with a messed up style.
Example: “Luis rips, but the way he tweaks his neck makes him look like he has broliosis.”

brolodex-a bro who’s always on time.
Example: “Oh wow man, I know it’s 4:20 when I hear my brolodex knocking on my door.”

bro-getter-a bro who gets things done.
Example: “Gus is such a bro-getter. He cleans his house, washes his dogs, and eats breakfast all before the morning sesh.”

bro-ed- A bro who lives with a chick.
Example: “Dude, let’s go to Gordon’s, he’s bro-ed-he lives with hot chicks.”

brodependent-A bro who relies on other bros.
Example: “Charlie’s totally brodependent-he can’t go surfing without one of his bros.”