Noteworthy-The PlayStation 2, 4.3

The TransWorld SURF video game has rocked the world! It has become hands-down the most acclaimed and most successful surf video game to have ever hit the shelves. With the powerful Xbox as its first platform, the game amazed and captivated many gamers. After a short wait, the TransWorld SURF video game is now available on PlayStation 2. With the release of TransWorld SURF for PS2, you get bonus play modes like “shark” mode, where you wreck up to four friends while they’re ripping. Also a bonus final level-Todos Santos, the biggest wave any video game has ever offered, with improved big-wave feel and of course, hidden waves. If you own a PlayStation 2, you are now required to surf like Taj Burrow in your dream waves and do things never possible until now. If you don’t have a PlayStation 2, this is your chance to win one, along with a copy of the best surf video game ever! Reef has teamed up with PlayStation 2 to offer you a huge prize package including a PlayStation 2, a copy of TransWorld SURF, and a gigantic Reef package. Here’s the contest: In the PS2 version of the game, Reef sponsors the new final level at Todos Santos Island. If you want to win the enormous prize package, answer this simple question: Where in the world is Todos Santos?

Send answers and shoe size to: Where in the world is Todos Santos? TransWorld SURF 353 Airport Road Oceanside, CA 92054