Noteworthy: Travel Tips

Planning a trip to Hawai'i, but worried about cash? Don't sweat it. Schedule your trip during the “low season” and save tons of money. Hawai'i-based airlines offer annual specials under $200 for flights between September 1 and December 14. If you call the airlines directly, they will probably quote a price around $450. This is bad. Keep an eye out for special low-season packages and put that extra cash toward room service, alcohol, or a new board. Unfortunately, the surfboard baggage fee remains consistent throughout the year. Expect to pay $50 each way for Hawai'i-based airlines ($80 for American and Continental). Be sure to remove those fins, or pack glass-ons extra safely, because most baggage handlers couldn't care less if they're loading your new custom or Grandma's lingerie.–D.S.