Noteworthy-West Oz Accident – 4.7

Noteworthy-West Oz Accident

Accidents HappenJust ask Mike Hoisington and Anthony Petruso.

Young Americans Anthony Petruso and Mike Hoisington were on their way back to the airport after competing at the six-star Salomon Masters WQS at Margaret River in Western Australia. Using Tim Reyes’ rental car (Tim stayed in West Oz before going on a trip to Indonesia), they were ten to fifteen minutes out of Margaret River, driving on the road to Perth. “As we came up on an intersection, there was a truck stopped on the side trying to make a right into the street,” recalls Anthony. “This girl just came out of the same street, didn’t even look, and came right into us. She hit us as we were passing, so she turned right into the right passenger side. Once we were hit, we spun, did a 180, and were facing the other way. The other car spun and got pushed into the truck that was trying to turn.” Anthony came out with a few bruises on his hips and arm and a bad puncture on his leg that still bothered him three weeks later. He went home the day after the accident. Mike was on the side that got hit and sustained the worst injuries. Forced to stay in the hospital in Australia two and a half weeks more, he had surgery on his intestines and back. At the time of this interview, Anthony said Mike will eventually be fine, but he still can’t surf for another seven weeks-nearly ten weeks after the accident. Oh yeah, the girl had insurance, and everything was covered-even Timmy’s car.-A.C.