Nova Schin WCT Preview

Where: The Nova Schin WCT will be held in Florianopolis, Brazil. The event is mobile and last year the finals were held at a beachbreak called Imbituba.

What: The contest has been traditionally held in small beachbreak conditions that favor lighter surfers and the Brazilian tour contingent. The lightweight surfers do well because the waves are usually small, and the Brazilians do well because the crowds on the beach are the most vocal and passionate of anywhere the tour goes. Surfers will be riding boards between 5’10–6’2 that are glassed as light as possible.

Who: Watch out for Taj Burrow. He’s won three ‘CTs and one WQS on this stop. The Brazilians will also do well, last year Renan Rocha and wildcard Tanio Barreto both made it to the semifinals. Andy and Kelly both have a lot riding on the Nova Schin WCT. If Kelly places higher than Andy, he wins a record seventh world title and has no pressure going into Hawai’i. If Andy wins, or places several places higher than Kelly, he’ll go into the Rip Curl Pipeline Masters with a load of confidence and home crowd support which he could parlay into his fourth world title.

When:October 30 through November 9 is the waiting period. Check back at for a live web cast link.

Odds: Courtesy of CentreBet
Kelly Slater 3.25 to 1
Andy Irons 4.75 to 1
Taj Burrow 10 to 1
Mick Fanning 11 to 1
CJ Hobgood 17 to 1
Joel Parkinson 21 to 1
Chris Ward 201 to 1
Raoni Monteiro 251 to 1
Marcelo Nunes 251 to 1
Guilherme Herdy 501 to 1

Editors Picks:
Chris Coté: Taj Burrow
Justin Coté: Marcelo Nunes
Joel Patterson: Taj Burrow
Pete Taras: Mick Fanning

Good luck to all the 2005 Nova Schin WCT contestants!