NSSA Gold Coast, College, And OSMAS Results For October

HIGHLIGHTS OF GOLD COAST EVENT #4After a couple years of wave shortage, the “C” Street jinx was finally snapped as fun 2-3 foot long rippable right handers came through for Gold Coast event #4. Ventura local Kellen Ellison was virtually unstoppable taking both the Juniors and Boys divisions. He won every heat in both divisions in addition to snagging a perfect 10 in the Boys quarters. Kellen now has five victories under his belt-two in the Gold Coast Juniors, two in the Gold Coast Boys and one in the Southwest Open Juniors. Tyler Anderson clinched his second win of the season in the Men’s final over Nick Rosza. Southwester Andrew Doheny is becoming a familiar face in Gold Coast territory. Andrew scored his second victory in the Gold Coast taking the Menehuene final over Southwest buddy Kyle Kennelly. Kyle is leading the Menehuene ratings by nearly 700 points. Andrew’s win gives him six total overall counting four in the Southwest Open Mini Groms and one in the Southwest Open Boys. Chad LaBass ripped a mile long right in the Masters final, which was awarded a perfect 10-more than enough to claim his second victory of the season. More Southwest competitors got the job done as CJ Soto claimed her first victory of the season in the Women’s division and Josh Singh took the Bodyboard final.

O-SMAS LAUNCH – The second of four O-SMAS (O’Neill Surfing Magazine Airshow Series) Gold Coast airshows was held at C Street with 24 top-rated Gold Coasters ready for takeoff. 18-year-old Tyler Anderson of Santa Barbara got the crowd cheering when he launched a huge frontside standard air and stuck it perfectly. The victory sent Tyler soaring to the lead in the O-SMAS Gold Coast ratings. The next event is set for November 24 in Santa Cruz at legendary Steamer Lane, which is the birthplace of the “Airshow.” “The Lane” is one of the world’s best right hand point breaks and better still it is right smack in the heart of O’Neill country.

1-Tyler Anderson-7.0
2-Daniel Jacobs-4.7
3-Jamie Jacobson-3.8
4-Kyle Collins-3.0
5-Buck Shelton-2.8
6-Ryan Peterson-2.5
7-Colin Schildhauer-2.0
8-Michael Bailey-1.5
9-Kai Ellison-1.2
10-Cory Arrambide-1.0
11-Cole Barthel-0.5

HIGH SCORING WAVE AND POINT TOTALS OF THE EVENTKellen was taking everybody to school in both the Boys and Juniors divisions. Kellen scored at least one excellent 8.0 ride in all his Boys division rounds and half of his Juniors heats. He posted a perfect 10 score in the Boys quarters and backed it up with an 8.0 ride for an 18.0 total-the highest heat total of the event. Even more impressive was his second victory in the highly competitive Juniors division (that’s not 14 year old Kellen’s official division until next season). For sure Kellen is off to a fantastic start leading the way in two divisions-the Gold Coast Juniors and the Southwest Open Juniors while still trailing Cory Arrambide by a slim 10 points in the Gold Coast Boys. In the Masters final Chad LaBass lit up a C Street right-hander to also nail a perfect 10 score in the Masters final.

The 2002/03 Southwest Conference College Season got the show on the road with a whopping 24 teams competing. A slight increase in the NW swell on Sunday delivered fun 2-4’+ waves. Defending Conference Champions Mira Costa opened up the new campaign with a 142-135 victory over rival and defending National Champions UC Santa Barbara. Making a bit of a comeback after a disappointing ninth place ranking in the 2001/02 season was five time National Champion UCSD who finished up in third with 99 points. USD ran neck and neck with UCSD ending up in fourth with 97 points. For the second time in two seasons, Mira Costa’s Chris Abad led off with a victory in the College Men’s over USD’s Dylan Slater. Joining Chris in the final were teammates Dave Baughman taking fourthh and John Daniels coming in sixth. UCSB’s Scott Turner took third and San Diego State’s Ryan Schnell placed fifth.

In other collegiate divisions, UCSD’s Loryn Wilson won the Women’s, Cal State San Marcos’ Dustin Franks took the Longboard and defending National Champion Manuel Melian of CSULB scored the victory in Bodyboard.

COLLEGE EVENT #2 AT BLACKS! – The NSSA in cooperation with the UC San Diego surf team is pleased to present College event # 2 at Blacks Beach on Saturday, November 2.


1- Tyler Anderson 16.5
2- Nick Rozsa 12.5
3- Mike Bilgren 9.0
4- Dennis Rizzo 8.5
5- Brandon Yates 8.0
6- Michael Bailey 6.0
1- Kellen Ellison 12.0
2- Bummy Kopenick 11.0
3- Chad Compton 10.0
4- Jimmy Herrick 9.0
5- Cole Barthel 7.0
6- Neal Kearney 4.0

1- Kellen Ellison 16.0
2- Colin Schildhauer 13.0
3- Cory Arrambide 11.5
4- Ryan Burch 7.0
5- Matt Johnson 5.0
6- Robert Gray 3.5

1- Andrew Doheny 14.5
2- Kyle Kennelly 7.0
3- Quinn McCrystal 5.5
4- Paden Cane 3.5
5- Billy Winslow tiebreak 3.0
6- Colton Larson tiebreak 3.0

1- CJ Soto 6.5
2- Darlene Conolly 6.0
3- Cloe Talavera 5.5
4- Jessica Blowers 4.5
5- Sarah Dodds 3.5
6- Esther Hahn 0.0

1- Chad LaBass 16.5
2- Scott Seggermann 8.0
3- Mickey Kook 7.5
4- Mike Lamm 7.0
5- Rob Mendez 5.0
6- Mike Bates 4.0

1- Josh Singh 9.0
2- Jeff Chaney 8.0
3- Casey Whitaker 7.0
4- Chad Whitaker 3.0


1- Chris Abad-Mira Costa 13.0
2- Dylan Slater-USD 11.0
3- Scott Turner-UCSB 10.0
4- Dave Baughman-Mira Costa 9.5
5- Ryan Schnell-SDSU 8.0
6- John Daniels-Mira Costa 7.0

1- Loryn Wilson-UCSD 10.5
2- Erin Reitow-USD 8.0
3- Nicole DeLeon-UCSB 7.0
4- Lybee Wilson-Saddleback 6.5
5- Natalee Trefren-Mira Costa 5.5
6- Morgan McDole-Point Loma 3.5

1- Dustin Franks-CSU San Marcos 12.5
2- Todd Barbosa-UCSB 9.5
3- Aaron Remley-Mira Costa 9.0
4- Colin Whitbread-Mira Costa 8.5
5- JT Sabala-CSU Fullerton 8.0
6- Brenden Castillo-UCSB 6.5

1. Mira Costa Red-142
2. UCSB Victor-135
3. UCSD A-99
4. USD A-97
5. Mira Costa White-83
=6. SDSU Bro-79
=6. Point Loma A-79
8. Saddleback-74
9. CSULB A-69
10. Cal State San Marcos-60
11. Mira Costa Blue-56
12. UCSB Vector-55
13. CSULB B-50
14. Point Loma-49
15. UCSD B-36
=16. SDSU Shire-34
=16. UCSB Gaucho-34
18. USC-33
19. UCSB Snowy Plovers-29
20. Cal State Fullerton-28
21. SDSU Bra-21
22. USD B-20
=23. UCLA-17
=23. CSULB C-17