NSSA Gold Coast Conference Results

The second event of the Gold Coast Conference 2000/01 season was held onSaturday, September 15 at Port Hueneme. A combination of southwest andnorthwest swells produced consistent 2-3 foot rippable lefts and rightsfor the contestants. Oxnard’s Nathaniel Curran scored a grand slam withvictories in the three events he competed in ? Mens, Juniors and theOSMAS NSSA airshow. Five competitors nailed back to back wins in theirrespective divisions¿Curran in the Mens, Kilian Garland in Boys, CoryArrambide in Menehuene, Travis Karian in Longboard and Adam Cogshall inBodyboard. This event was the second stop on the Gold CoastConference’s nine event tour. The O’Neill Surfing Magazine (OSMAS) NSSADivision Airshow series launched it’s first of four events scheduledfor the Gold Coast.

Below are a some highlights of the Gold Coast event #2, OSMAS #1 andFinal Results.

-Nathaniel Curran 17, of Oxnard took his second consecutive win in theMens division defeating Nate Tyler by a score of 24.0 to 20.5 out of apossible 30 points. Curran posted an almost perfect 9.5 wave score byripping countless vertical backside snaps on a steep lefthander. Hebacked that up with two additional waves scoring 8.0 and 6.5 to seal thevictory in a unanimous judges decision. Curran stamped his authority onlocal waters (Port Hueneme borders Oxnard) and put on a blisteringsurfing display in the Juniors final. Nathaniel’s scored a 24.5 totalto take the win over Bud Freitas who scored an 18.5. This was Bud’ssecond consecutive runner up finish in the Juniors division. Nathanieldominated the final with wave scores of 9.0, 8.5 and 7.0. Event #1Juniors winner Dane Reynolds took 3rd.

– In the Boys division Kilian Garland, 14 of Santa Barbara made it twofor two in Gold Coast competition. Kilian, a two time NSSA NationalChampion set the pace early in the final when he ripped a wave toperfection registering a 9.5 score. He backed it up with two good wavesposting a 7.5 and 6.5.

– 12 year old Cory Arrambide of Ventura is on a three event win streak.He won his second straight Gold Coast Menehuene final and he also tookthe win in the Boys division at the first Open Season at Salt Creek lastweek. In addition, Cory surfed up into the Boys division (13-14 agecategory) at this event and placed 3rd behind winner Kilian Garland andrunner up Kellen Ellison.

– Beth Engel of Ventura got off to a slow start in the beginning of theWomens final but picked up the pace and collected two high scoring ridesat the end of the heat to claim the victory. Beth’s two waves came inat 6.5 and 6.0 which was enough to pass runner up Anna Garaway.

It’s apparent that a close battle in the Masters division is developingbetween event #1 winner Robert Weiner and NSSA newcomer Arro Young, whoput on a powerful performance in the final. Arro’s three scoring wavesposted 8.0, 7.0 and 6.5 for a 21.5 heat total over Weiner who totaled a17.5.

OSMAS KICKS OFF¿The first of four OSMAS NSSA airshows was held much tothe excitement of the crowd at Port Hueneme Beach. Hoots and hollerswere heard in abundance, especially when OSMAS winner Nathaniel Curranpulled off his winning air ? a big frontside grab which posted anaverage 6.85 giving him a 41.0 total. In a unique format, the top oneair was scored for each contestant, and the high score was doubled.Darren Brilhart, director of the Surfing Magazine Airshow series was onhand for our first event and he was impressed with the performances.”Nathaniel had the biggest air. He launched about 3 feet out. Runnerup Nate Tyler also had a good one busting a frontside 180 into a reversebut didn’t get as much height as Nathaniel’s, said Darren. Nate’s aircame in at an average 6.5 for a 39.0 total. Third place finisher DaneReynolds pulled off a clean but smaller backside 180 into a reverseposting a 5.5 for a 33.0 score.

COMING UP¿The Southwest Conference is gearing up for the firstExplorer event of the 2001/02 season which will be held tthis comingweekend September 22-23 at Huntington Beach’s 9th Street, better knownas “Taco Bell Reef.” It’s looking like a huge turnout for the firstExplorer event and things couldn’t be better with the surf forecast.Surfline is reporting a Southern Hemi swell to charge in with 4-7’+ surfinto the weekend. 2001 Explorer Champions Alex Gray (Boys), TannerGudauskas (Menehuene), Amber Puha (Womens), Darren Brilhart (Masters),Chas Wickwire (Seniors), Patrick Schlick (Super Seniors) and MikeGillard (Longboard) will be returning to action this season as well as2001 National Super Seniors Champion John Silver. Open Season event #1winners Travis Mellem (Mens) and Chris Waring (Juniors) will be goingfor two straight Southwest victories.



1- Nathaniel Curran
2- Nate Tyler
3- Blake Howard
4- Tommy Vos
5- Tarik Khashoggi
6- Dennis Rizzo

1- Nathaniel Curran
2- Bud Freitas
3- Dane Reynolds
4- Justin Quirk
5- Peter Garaway
6- Jonny Craft

1- Kilian Garland
2- Kellen Ellison
3- Cory Arrambide
4- Nick Rozsa
5- Colin Schildhauer
6- Chad Compton

1- Cory Arrambide
2- Matt Johnson
3- Matt McCabe
4- Brandon Smith
5- Craig Riley
6- Mike McCabe

1- Beth Engel
2- Anna Garaway
3- Caroline Weber
4- Nicole DeLeon
5- Katie Anthony
6- Karen Dion

1- Arro Young
2- Robert Weiner
3- Eric Knowles
4- Casey McCrystal
5- Shawn Kelly
6- John Golson

1. Nathaniel Curran¿41.0
2. Nate Tyler¿39.0
3. Dane Reynolds¿33.0
4. Cole Barthel¿26.0
5. Kilian Garland¿26.0
6. Colin Dodgson¿20.0