NSSA Nationals 3-8

The 2001 NSSA NationalsLong and Centeio take the big wins.

It would be really easy to say the final day of the 2001 NSSA Nationals at Lower Trestles had a lot of surprise winners. However, one look at the results and you realize that from top to bottom anyone could’ve stepped up and taken their division. And thanks to another storm off New Zealand, the last day started with a fresh new southwest swell-a pleasant gift to those making their respective final. Although sometimes inconsistent, the overhead sets and the ever-perfect Lowers peak made the finals an exciting experience for all. Probably the most coveted divisions, or the ones the industry writes contracts over, have to be the Open Men and Explorer Juniors. These are the divisions filled with the future young stars on the brink of becoming professionals, and they’re also the ones everybody takes a seat to watch. This year’s finalists included all the familiar names like Sean Moody, Travis Mellem, and Joel Centeio, but the highlight of it all had to be the only unsponsored one, Greg Long. As the son of Head State Park Lifeguard Steve Long, it’s safe to say Greg’s got free rein at Trestles and has been surfing it for most of his life. From the start of the contest, Greg’s local knowledge showed as his system of lining up with a light post, a palm tree, and the freeway helped him win the illustrious Open Men’s/Governor’s Cup title. His 27.5 score (littered with 10s) racked up in an earlier round is proof he knew what he was doing and was ready to take it all the way. “I was really focused,” said the confident Long. His patience in the 35-minute final allowed him to pick off the heat’s biggest and best waves. “There was plenty of time, and nobody was stressing out,” he says. “It the 35 minutes was a breath of fresh air. There’s never enough time to do what you want to do in a normal heat.”

Long also kept World Games Junior Champ Joel Centeio from acquiring the first-ever Triple Crown award-an award for any surfer who takes the High School, Open, and Explorer titles. Centeio took both the High School Men and Explorer Junior titles, but his second to Long in the Open didn’t matter when you consider the numerous titles he’d already won both in this contest and in his young career. Congratulations go out to all the finalists.-A.C.

NSSA National Open Men/California Governor’s Cup1.Greg Long2.Joel Centeio3.Dane Johnson4.Sean Moody5. Travis Mellem6. Che Stang

Open Juniors1. Patrick Gudauskas2. Alek Parker3. Dustin Cuizon4. T.J. Barron5. Gavin Gillette6. Alex Gray

Open Boys1. Lance Gruver2. Kellen Ellison3. Clay Marzo4. Adam Wickwire5. Dustin Payne6. Chas Chidester

Open Mini Groms1.Granger Larsen2. Thomas Clarke3. Albee Layer 4.Kyle Kennelly5. Jon-Jon Florence6. Bullett Obra

Open Women/California Governor’s Cup1. Holly Beck2. Sena Seramur3. Anastasia Ashley4. Leilani Gryde5. Tiara Barron6. Anna Garaway

Explorer Men1. Robbie Schofield2. Jeff Hurley3. Tarik Khashoggi4. Gregg Nakamura5. Bart Templeman6. Billy Choi

Explorer Juniors1. Joel Centeio2. Greg Long3. Ian Walsh 4. Dustin Cuizon5. Cheyne Magnusson6. Justin Wiegand

Explorer Boys1. T.J. Barron2.Hank Gaskell3. Sterling Spencer 4. Dylan Graves5. Ola Eleogram 6. Jeremy Johnston

Explorer Menehuene1. Kai Barger2. Adam Wickwire3. Kyle Ramey 4. Travis Beckman5. Dustin Payne 6. Tanner Gudauskas

Explorer Masters1. Chad Wells2. Barry Deffenbaugh3.Mike Latronic4. Scott Daley5. Damea Dorsey6. Darren Brilhart

Explorer Seniors1.Chas Wickwire2.Robert Weiner3.Scott Daley 4. Mike Glevy 5. Mike Latronic6. Mike Lamm

Explorer Super Seniors1. John Silver2. Steve Weaver 3. Pat Schlick4. Scott Lewis5. Sam Drazich6. Yancy Spencer

Explorer Women1. Sena Seramur 2. Amber Puha3. Holly Beck4. Anastasia Ashley 5. Kim Mayer6. Nicole Grodesky

Air Show1. Josh Montgomery2. Brandon Guilemette 3. Travis Mellem4. Nathan Carroll 5. Ryan Briggs6. Joel Centeio

Middle-School Girls1.Kirsten Commins-Bernice Ayerr (A)2. Margo Ledig-Carpenteria3. Carly Meyers-Sowers4. Crystal Arrias-Shorecliffs (A)5. Oleema Miller-Shorecliffs (B)6. Lauren Roche-Dwyer7. Maggie Rios-Bernice Ayer (B)

Middle-School Boys1. Tanner Gudauskas-Shorecliffs (A)2. Ian Ekbers-Dwyer3. Max Mcilwee-Shorecliffs (A)4. Jack Lazenby-Bernice Ayer (A)5. Brandon Rambo-Shorecliffs (A)6. Matt Howe-Bernice Ayer (A)

Middle-School Teams1. Shorecliffs (A 102)2. Bernice Ayer (A 72)3. Dwyer (52)

High School Women1. Helena Suehiro-King Kekaulike2. Natalee Trefren-San Dieguito3. Jennifer Newhouse-Kalaheo4. Alee Thompson-Kahuku5. Tasia Jones-Carlsbad6. Tessa Merel-Vista

High School Men1. Joel Centeio-Campbell2. Che Stang-Carlsbad3. Dane Johnson-Carlsbad4. Darrell Goodrum-San Dieguito5. Greg Long-San Clemente6. Mike Klein-Carlsbad

High School Team1. Carlsbad 1332.San Clemente 1223. San Dieguito 944. Huntington Beach 725. King Kekaulike 636. Campbell 59 College Women1. Kyla Langen-Mira Costa2. Jodie Nelson-CSULB (A)3. Holly Beck-UCSD4. Liz Clark-UCSB Victor5. Allison Arvizu-CSULB (B)6. Nicole Deleon-UCSB Vector

College Men1. Sean Walker-UCSB Victor2. Sam Baugh-Mira Costa3. Mike Reilly-CSULB (A)4. Ben Will-CSULB (A)5. Garth Engelhorn-UCSD6. Pat Drummy-UCSB Victor

College Team1. CSULB (A) 1222. Mira Costa 993. UCSB Victor 874. UCSD 715. UCSB Vector 686. UCF 46