NSSA Nationals – Joel Centeio Interview

AC: How old are you now?Joel Centeio: I’m seventeen.

Who are your sponsors?Hurley, Hawaiian Island Creations, Reef, Arnette, and OAM.[IMAGE 1]How has your year been so far?It’s been great. I just came off of the World Surfing Games-took first in the juniors. Just got first in the High School Nationals.

How long have you been in California?I’ve been here for about a week now.

Do you like surfing Lowers?I love surfing Lowers. It’s one of my favorite contests to come to for sure. Every year the wave has been so perfect, overhead, pretty glassy-sick.

Are you gonna do another NSSA season, or is it on to the QS’s?I’m not sure right now. If I win then for sure I’m gonna go on to the QS’s. I’m not sure, most likely I’m gonna QS’ it.

Where are you off to next?I went to Brazil, I came here, and then I’m going to Cabo for like three days with the Reef team. Then I’m thinking about France and then Virginia.

You got a busy summer? Yeah.[IMAGE 1]Did you graduate this year?No, my senior year is coming up starting in August.

So you have another year of high school contests?Yeah, I’ll end up doing Nationals again because you can’t travel too much during the school year.