NSSA Nationals – T.J. Barron Interview

I caught him right after his semifinal heat in the middle of eating his hot dog. Here’s a quick interview.


A.C. :How old are you? T.J. :Fourteen.

Who are your sponsors?Billabong, Oakley, Da Kine, Sticky Bumps, Barron, Thrid Stone, Osiris, and Diamond Tip.

How long have you been in California?Like a week and a half.

How you liking it so far?Fine

Where you been surfing?Like Riviera’s and here-Trestles.

How you enjoying the contest and all the waves?Fine, the waves are good.

How much longer are you going to be here?Like another week.

Have you been on any trips this year?No.

Do you have any planned?Yeah, I think I’m gonna go to Micronesia.

Do you know what that’s like?I don’t know, I’m just going.

Do you like traveling?Yeah, it’s fun.

Do you want to travel more eventually?Yeah.

How much does your brother Tory influence your surfing?A lot, he helps me when I’m practicing surfing. He just helps me out.

What about growing up on the North Shore, how much do you think that helps?It helps more because Oahu has a lot of publicity and there’s a lot of photographers.

Are we gonna see shots of you this winter?Hopefully.

What do you like to do when you’re not surfing?Dirt bike, dive.[IMAGE 2]Do you take you dirt bike in the hills and stuff?No, I go to a track.

Can you jump and everything like that?Yeah.

Have you gotten hurt?No, not dirt biking, BMXing-I broke my collarbone.

Do your sponsors get scared you’re gonna hurt yourself?Kind of, I’m probably gonna sell my dirt bike.

Good Luck.