NSSA Open Season Event Number Nine Results


A last minute beach permit issue forced the move of Open Season #9 scheduled for Newport 54th Street to San Clemente State Park. Well, the change turned out to be fine by NSSA officials. A pumping southwest swell generated 4-6 foot plus, heavy bowly lefts ¿ just perfect for the top level Open competitors. The high-powered performances from some of the Open Season surfers were the best and most exciting of the year. Many were put to the test of performing in the “Puerto” like conditions. There would be no groveling at this event! Greg Long was the talk of the event dominating his home turf, nailing huge turns and scoring the deepest barrel of the event. The final event of the 2000/01 Open Season will be held on April 28 ¿29 at Oceanside Pier. The 2001 Southwest Conference Open Champions will be announced and presented on April 29 immediately following the finals. Check below for the highlights of Open Season #9..


– San Clemente High School senior Greg Long solidified his growing reputation as one of the most talented surfers in the state putting on a succession of incredibly surfed heats throughout the weekend. He started off the event in round one, with a deep backside barrel scoring unanimous 10’s from the judges. He went on to win all of his preliminary rounds but nothing compared to what he topped it off with in the final. Greg took charge of the final surfing with confidence while picking off the excellent waves. He took off the deepest and gouged explosive backside snaps up in the bowl on every wave. Scores came in for his three scoring waves ¿ two perfect 10’s and a 9.70. He even had a perfect heat score from one judge ¿ three 10’s! Needless to say the win was in the bag for Greg in a near flawless performance. He racked up the highest heat tally of the year scoring a 29.7 out of 30. Runner up Andrew Gahan, also utilized his local knowledge and ripped a perfect 10 in the final. Che Stang took 3rd and Shaun Ward 4th. Dane Johnson had an disappointing early loss in the quarters but notched up enough ratings points to clinch the prestigious Southwest Open Mens title. – In the Open Juniors division Dane Reynolds won his second event of the season and pulled ahead of Travis Mellem in the ratings. Pat Gudauskas took 2nd, Dane Gudauskas 3rd and Jensen Hassett 4th. Dane (the defending Southwest Juniors Champion) and Travis will be going head to head for the title at event #10 at Oceanside Pier which is 5 star rated and worth double points. Dane was surfing so good he also made it to the Mens semis!

-Tanner Gudauskas took the win in the Open Boys final for his fourth victory in the Open and his eleventh victory of the season. TG has also won six Explorers and took the State title last weekend in the Middle School Boys division. Tanner with solid scores of 8.0 and 7.5 on two of his waves. Runner up Matt Mohagen was also charging and scored a 7.5 and 6.0 on two waves. Boys leader Kellen Ellison took 3rd and will maintain a slim 70 point lead. Colin Schildhauer took 4th.

-Holly Beck took her fourth consecutive victory in the Womens division. Natalee Trefen took 2nd, Karlene Wiegand 3rd and Anastasia Ashley 4th. Holly, who is the defending champ, will move out front in the ratings by over 400 points. The race between Anastasia and Holly is still to close to call and will be an exciting one to watch at event #10!

The Mini Grom division was postponed until event #10 at Oceanside Pier due to the powerful surf conditions.

WAVE(S) OF THE EVENT ¿ Pick one, any one of the three perfect 10’s that Greg Long scored. The deep pit in Mens round one or the dynamic, spray throwing, straight up backside snaps in the final. Greg’s total wave score in the final ¿ 29.7 out of 30. The best surfed and most thrilling heat of the year…so far!

1. Kellen Ellison ¿ 13 total wins (5 Southwest Open Boys; 8 Gold Coast Menehuene- undefeated so far).
2. Anastasia Ashley ¿ 9 total wins (4 Southwest Open Womens; 4 Gold Coast Explorer Womens; 1 Southwest Explorer Womens).
3. Tanner Gudauskas ¿ 11 total wins (4 Southwest Open Boys; 6 Southwest Explorer Menehuene, Middle School Boys State Champion)
4. Holly Beck ¿ 9 total wins (4 Southwest Open Womens; 2 Southwest Explorer Womens; 3 Southwest College Womens)
5. Nathaniel Curran ¿ 6 total wins (2 Southwest Open Mens; 4 Gold Coast Explorer Juniors)
6. Dane Johnson ¿ 5 total wins (2 Southwest Open Mens; 3 Southwest Explorer Juniors-undefeated so far).
7. Travis Karian ¿ 5 total wins (Gold Coast Longboard)
8. Tanner Beckett ¿ UNDEFEATED SEASON – 5 total wins and undefeated (Southwest College Season); Collegiate Longboard State Champion

NSSA O’NEILL SMAS AIRSHOW EVENT #3The second event of the NSSA airshow series presented by O’Neill and Surfing Magazine was held on Saturday in gnarly 4-6 foot wedgy bowly lefts. Dane Reynolds took the biggest air award. The airshow is by invitation only to the top ranked NSSA Open Season Mens and Juniors surfers. The top surfers from the conference airshows will be invited to the NSSA Regional (Westerns, Easterrns, Hawaii) Championship airshows. The top surfers from the Regional Championships airshows will be invited to the 2001 NSSA O’Neill SMAS National youth airshow at Salt Creek on June 24. For more airshow info, results and ratings go to the home page and click on “NSSA O’Neill SMAS airshow information.”


1- Greg Long
2- Andrew Gahan
3- Che Stang
4- Shaun Ward
1- Dane Reynolds
2- Patrick Gudauskas
3- Dane Gudauskas
4- Jensen Hassett
1- Tanner Gudauskas
2- Matt Mohagen
3- Kellen Ellison
4- Colin Schildhauer
Postponed until Open Event #10 at Oceanside Pier

WOMENS1- Holly Beck
2- Natalee Trefren
3- Karlene Wiegand
4- Anastasia Ashley