NSSA Results From Open Season Contest Number One

A solid 3-5’+ Southern Hemi swell came through for the SouthwestConference Open Season #2 at Oceanside South Jetty on September 29-30.The Oceanside beach break was about as good as it gets as the long,steep lined up lefts gave ample opportunity for the Open kids to displaytheir skills. Josh Montgomery’s blistering vertical backside attack inthe final clinched him his first ever victory in the Open Mens divisionwhile Dane Reynolds’ 4th place finish bumped him to the top of the Mensratings.

HIGHLIGHTS OF OPEN SEASON #1In the Mens final,16 year old Josh Montgomery only caught three wavesbut that’s all he needed. Josh’s three waves earned 8.0 and two 7.0scores to seal a unanimous first place judges decision. HuntingtonBeach High School Junior Brett Simpson was lighting it up for the secondstraight weekend clinching another runner up finish (Brett took secondin the Juniors final at the Explorer Opener on September 22-23). Aswith Josh, Brett only caught three waves in the final with two blazingbackhand lefts coming in at 9.0 and 8.0. In the final moments, heneeded a third wave and made a last ditch effort on a substandard rightwhich could only muster up a 3.5 score. Justin Birks came in 3rd andDane Reynold’s took 4th in his second consecutive Open final. Danejumped to a slim 70 point lead over event #1 winner Travis Mellem whosuffered a round one upset.

In the Juniors division, 14 year old Kilian Garland of Orcutt wasvirtually untouchable throughout the entire contest. Kilian won everyheat on his way to clinching a convincing victory in the final. Inaddition, another outstanding performance in the Juniors division wasgiven by 15 year old Chad Montgomery from San Clemente. Chad wascompeting in his first ever NSSA contest, won the first three rounds andtook an impressive 2nd place finish. Justin Munyon took 3rd and ChrisWaring took 4th appearing in his second straight Open final. Chris willjump to a 340 point lead in the Juniors ratings over Kellen Ellison.

Ventura’s Cory Arrambide is on a roll winning the Open Boys final forhis 4th consecutive victory of the season. In Southwest Open and GoldCoast Explorer competition, Cory hasn’t lost an event yet, so we willkeep a watchful eye on that streak. In the final Cory’s heat totalscame in at 21.0 with three waves scoring 8.0, 7.0 and 6.0. ChrisSlayter took 2nd, Mini Grom Dane Zaun came in 3rd and Brent Reilly took4th.

The Open Season has a super talented group of groms coming up and it wasreally noticeable at this event. In overhead surf, Dane Zaun chargedthe outside sets and clinched his second consecutive win in the MiniGrom division. For the second straight Open contest, 8 year old AndrewDoheny took 2nd, Ford Archbold took 3rd and Jesse Steelman took 4th.

14 year old Anastasia Ashley was surfing stronger than ever to take herfirst victory in the Open this season. Anastasia, coming off a big winat last weekend’s Explorer opener, had two excellent 8.0 and 7.0 ridesin the final. Anastasia recently moved to San Clemente and will surelybe a strong addition to the National Champion surf team. Event #1winner Lauren Sweeney took 2nd and will maintain a 140 point lead overAnastasia in the ratings. That should be a good race! Gina Eckert took3rd and Natalee Trefren took 4th.

OSMAS KICKS OFF AT THE OPEN¿The first of four OSMAS Southwest Openairshows was held and the fast steep lined up sections provided someideal ramps. OSMAS Gold Coast event #1 winner Nathaniel Curran ofOxnard, pulled off a solid reverse, stuck it clean and took home hissecond consecutive OSMAS gold. Sean Taylor landed the biggest air ofhis career and came in 2nd followed by Brett Simpson and reigningNational Air Champion Josh Montgomery.OSMAS SOUTHWEST OPEN TOP 6 RESULTS1. Nathaniel Curran ? 482. Sean Taylor ? 423. Brett Simpson ? 374. Josh Montgomery ? 305. Pat Gudauskas ? 286. Andrew Gahan – 25

COMING UP – The NSSA Gold Coast Conference event #3 will be held atJalama on October 66. The Open Season will continue with event #3 onOctober 13-14 at Huntington Beach Pier Southside. The second event ofthe OSMAS series for the Open will be held at event #3. The ExplorerSeason will continue with event #2 on October 20-21 at San Onofre”Trails.”


1. Josh Montgomery – Carlsbad
2. Brett Simpson – Garden Grove
3. Justin Birks – Carlsbad
4. Dane Reynolds – Ventura

1. Kilian Garland – Orcutt
2. Chad Montgomery – San Clemente
3. Justin Munyon – San Clemente
4. Chris Waring – Seal Beach

1. Cory Arrambide – Ventura
2. Chris Slayter – San Diego
3. Dane Zaun – Hollyglen
4. Brent Reilly – Carlsbad

1. Dane Zaun – Hollyglen
2. Andrew Doheny – Newport Beach
3. Ford Archbold – Newport Beach
4. Jesse Steelman – Huntington Beach

1. Anastasia Ashley – San Clemente
2. Lauren Sweeney – Encinitas
3. Gina Eckert – Carlsbad
4. Natalee Trefren – Cardiff