NSSA Southwest Conference Explorer Event #2 Results

EXPLORER EVENT #2 BIG WHEELS:  San Onofre “Trails” beach gets the first honorable mention as a solid northwest swell delivered super good 3-5 foot lefts and rights for Sunday’s heats and finals.  Saturday’s prelims were typical “Trails” style-2-3 foot and mushy, but Sunday’s waves were San Onofre excellence.

As if anyone is surprised, reigning National Open Men’s Champion Pat Gudauskas claimed yet another victory in the Men’s final defeated his twin brother Dane by a heat total of 14.5-13.5.  However Dane still holds the ratings lead because of his win at the Explorer event #1 five star double pointer.  It feels just like the old days when the Hobgood twins use to battle for the number one spot!  It was a carbon copy result in the Juniors division for the top two places as Tanner Gudauskas and Ricky Whitlock went 1-2 in the final.  Tanner nailed the win with two solid scores but it was Ricky who got the crowd roaring when he launched a double grab frontside aerial soaring at least four feet above the lip.  In the Boys division Ryan Burch took his first victory of the season with Brent Buechner runner up for the second straight event.  At contest #1 in the Menehuene final it was Dane Zaun first place and Andrew Doheny second.  This month the groms flipflopped positions with Andrew taking the win and Dane runner up.  We’ve got a good title race in that division folks!  In the Masters division, Parker McNaughton improved his second place finish in event #1 scoring the victory over Rusty Phillipy.  On the other hand, Rusty collected the only perfect “10” of the entire contest in his Masters round one heat.  It was 23 years ago that Scott Waring claimed the prestigious Southwest Open Men’s title.  Now a Super Senior, Waring’s competitive juices are still flowing.  After losing a close decision to Scott Daley in event #1, Waring came out on top in this rematch taking Daley by another tight score of 11.5-10.5.  Nonetheless, Daley gets the “Ironman” ovation making three finals-Masters, Super Seniors and winning the Seniors final.  Alison Arvizu nailed her second consecutive victory in the Women’s.  Alison’s serious-she wants that National title!  Speaking of National titles, 2003 National Open Longboard Champion Justin Hugron won his first contest of the year defeating 2003 Southwest Champion Tommy Witt 13.5-11.5.  Derek DuMun clinched his first ever NSSA victory in the Bodyboard final.

COMING UP:  The Southwest Conference Open Season will continue with event #4 on November 8-9 at Church Beach followed by Explorer Season event #3 at Huntington Beach Pier.


1- Pat Gudauskas-San Clemente 14.5
2- Dane Gudauskas-San Clemente 13.5
3- Brandon Guilmette-Huntington Beach 9.5
4- Luis Nikaido-Huntington Beach 7.5
5- Todd Hutton-Huntington Beach 7.0
6- Anthony Duarte-Huntington Beach 5.5

1- Tanner Gudauskas-San Clemente 14.5
2- Ricky Whitlock-Carlsbad 12.0
3- Justin Munyon-San Clemente 10.0
4- Alex Gray-Palos Verdes 9.0
5- Dane Ward-San Clemente 7.5
6- Dave Dupont-San Diego 2.0

1- Ryan Burch-Encinitas 13.5
2- Brent Buechner-San Clemente 10.5
3- Chris Slayter-La Jolla 10.0
4- Brad Hagglund-Encinitas 9.5
5- Jordan Baroni-Carlsbad 7.5
6- Gabe Garcia-Carlsbad 6.5

1- Andrew Doheny-Newport Beach 14.0
2- Dane Zaun-Hollyglen 13.0
3- Dave Price-San Clemente 7.0
4- Kolohe Andino-San Clemente 6.5
5- Riley Metcalf-San Clemente 5.0
6- Christian Saenz-Huntington Beach 4.5

1- Alison Arvizu-Huntington Beach 10.5
2- Colleen Mehlberg-San Clemente 8.0
3- Amy Chivers-Solana Beach 5.0
4- Vanessa Dautel-San Clemente 4.5
5- Darlene Conolly-Del Mar 3.5
6- Lexie Papilion-San Clemente 3.0

1- Parker McNaughton-Newport Beach 13.5
2- Rusty Phillipy-Cardiff 12.5
3- Andrrew Valentine-Redondo Beach 10.0
4- Scott Daley-Manhattan Beach 9.5 tiebreak
5- Evan Slater-Carlsbad 9.5 tiebreak
6- Yu Fu Penrose-San Clemente 5.0

1- Scott Daley-Manhattan Beach 13.5 tiebreak
2- Rusty Phillipy-Cardiff 13.5 tiebreak
3- David Barr-Carlsbad 8.0
4- Mike Gillard-Imperial Beach 4.5
5- Masayuki Yamada-San Clemente 4.0
6- Chas Wickwire-Seal Beach 0.0

1- Scott Waring-Seal Beach 11.5
2- Scott Daley-Manhattan Beach 10.5
3- Patrick Schlick-La Mirada 8.5
4- Dwight Strayer-Malibu 6.0
5- David Kerr-Oceanside 5.5
6- Rick Fignetti-Huntington Beach 3.5
1- Justin Hugron-Huntington Beach 13.5
2- Tommy Witt-San Clemente 11.5 tiebreak
3- Kelly Kraushaar-Placentia 11.5 tiebreak
4- Steve Franks-San Clemente 9.5
5- Chris Slayter-La Jolla 8.5
6- Kevin Osborne-San Clemente 6.5

BODYBOARD 1- Derrick DuMun-Huntington Beach 11.0 tiebreak
2- Jake Minnehan-San Clemente 11.0 tiebreak
3- RJ Duernberger-Costa Mesa 8.0
4- Chris Vilaubi-San Clemente 7.0
5- Daniel Matthews-Costa Mesa 6.5

For information, please contact Janice Aragon @ NSSA National Office (714) 536-0445 or jaragon@nssa.org.