NSSA Southwest Conference Open Season Results From State Park In San Clemente.

SEPTEMBER 22-23, 2002
Three time National Champ Patrick Gudauskas, 16 of San Clemente,defeated Dane Reynolds, Andrew Gahan and Colin Dodgson to win the Men’sdivision of the Open Season event #2 at San Clemente State Park. A weaksouthwest swell hung around the entire weekend making for waves in the1-2 foot range with an occasional 3 footer on the sets.
Patrick kept an in-form Dane Reynolds and new ratings leader AndrewGahan at bay in what proved to be the day’s most exciting heat. Despitean incredible performance by Reynolds in the quarters, Patrick wasputting up some big numbers of his own. Patrick put together at leastone 8.0 score or higher in all five rounds he surfed including thefinal. A local at the nearby Riviera break, Patrick looked right athome in the walled-up shorebreak conditions. He was fitting in moremaneuvers per wave than his opponents and his critical vertical snaps inthe pocket proved too tough to match. He opened up the final with a 7.0ride and backed it up with an excellent 8.5 score two waves later. Danekept it close with a 7.0 and a couple of 6’s but Patrick sealed it thewin with a 7.0 ride in the final moments.
Kellen Ellison collected a big win in the Juniors division, which movehim into first in the ratings. In a hard fought final, Kellen earned an8.0 ride in the early minutes to set the pace. He then backed it upwith a 7.0 score. Chris Waring started coming on midway through theheat and in the final moments caught a great left-hander. He hammeredtwo vertical backside turns earning a 7.0 forcing a tiebreak situation,which went to Kellen. Gold Coast up and comer Nick Rosza came in thirdand S.C. local Max McIllwee took fourth. 14-year-old Kellen also surfedup in the Open Mens division and made it to the semis! If you’rewondering why NSSA National Champ and Open #1 winner Kilian Garlandwasn’t in the results column, it’s because he broke his arm while ridingan ATV four wheeler a couple days before the contest. But never countKilian out! Kilian might own the record for the most broken bones perseason but his three National titles in the past five years is a suresign that he’ll be back, stronger than ever!
Eleven-year-old Ford Archbold won the Open Boys final for his first everNSSA victory. In a close heat, Kyle Kennelly was runner-up followed byAndrew Doheny and Dane Zaun. Nine-year-old Andrew ripped his Mini Gromfinal taking his second straight victory. Newcomer Luke Davis tooksecond, Whitman Bedwell placed third and new girl grom Courtney Conloguecame in fourth.
Last season’s Open Women’s champion Anastasia Ashley was back in actionafter missing event #1. In the final Anastasia and Erica Hosseini wereneck and neck until the final moments. Experience paid off as Anastasiawaited patiently and caught one of the better lefts, which scored a heathigh 7.0.
Tommy Lloy might be from Dana Point but he looked like a San Clementelocal as he dominated the State Park beach break in the Longboarddivision. In the final, 16 year old Tommy collected an impressive 21.0heat total, second only to Pat Gudauskas’ 22.0. Tommy’s three scoringwaves came in at 8.0, 7.0 and 6.0. Runner up Steve Newton posted thefinal’s highest score of 8.7. Sean Keany took third and Justin Hugroncame in fourth with an interference call.
HIGH SCORING WAVE OF THE EVENT-In the difficult closed out shorebreakconditions, scores in the excellent range were few and far between. Butthere were a couple bright spots. On Saturday, Dane Ward found a goodlittle left, pulled into a sweet little barrel and finished it off witha knifing vertical re-entry posting the day’s single best wave score of9.85. Due to the conditions, we thought that high score wouldstand…that is until the Boys Round 1 heats on Sunday. Now granted, weknow how steep and hollow State Park can get. We witnessed it two yearsago at the Open when State Park was lookingg like a mini Puerto andNational Champ Greg Long posted a near perfect heat total of 29.7 in hisfinal. But obviously the 1-2 footers weren’t providing much barrelopportunity until12 year old Brent Reilly dropped into one of thesteepest lefts of the day. He got totally piped, found the exit, earneda perfect 10 (his first ever!) and a standing ovation on the beach!
HIGH SCORING POINT TOTALS OF THE EVENT-When Dane Reynolds gets seriousand the wave gods are on his side, he is the most dangerous guy in thewater. In the Men’s quarters, Dane was both the wave magnet anddestroyer posting a 24.5 heat total out of a possible 30.
1. Patrick Gudauskas-San Clemente 22.0
2. Dane Reynolds-Ventura 19.0
3. Andrew Gahan-San Clemente 16.2
4. Colin Dodgson-Malibu 10.5
1. Kellen Ellison-Ventura 20.5
2. Chris Waring-Seal Beach 20.5
3. Nick Rosza-Oxnard 15.0
4. Max McIlwee-San Clemente 12.5
1. Ford Archbold-Newport Beach 12.5
2. Kyle Kennelly-Huntington Beach 12.0
3. Andrew Doheny-Newport Beach 11.7
4. Dane Zaun-Hollyglen 11.5
1. Andrew Doheny-Newport Beach 16.0
2. Luke Davis-Capo Beach 8.5
3. Whitman Bedwell-Redondo Beach 7.5
4. Courtney Conlogue-Santa Ana 4.5
1. Anastasia Ashley-San Clemente 16.0
2. Erica Hosseini-Newport Beach 12.0
3. Lauren Sweeney-Encinitas 8.0
4. Colleen Mehlberg-San Clemente 7.0
1. Tommy Lloy-Dana Point 21.0
2. Steve Newton-Capistrano Beach 18.0
3. Sean Keany-Carlsbad 9.5
4. Justin Hugron-Huntington Beach 9.0