NSSA Southwest Explorer Results

The Southwest Explorer #1 at Huntington Beach’s 9th Street got off to arip roaring start with nearly 325 surfers competing for valuable fivestar (double) points. H.B.’s 9th Street (better known as Taco BellReef) once again came through for the NSSA as a good Southwest swellprovided fun 2¿4′ rippable left and right peaks. Ten divisionscompeted in the two day event including the highly competitive Juniors(15-17) division and the greatly anticipated Masters and Seniorsdivisions featuring National Champions Chad Wells and Chas Wickwire. BySunday afternoon’s finals, the typical prevailing onshore winds made forchoppy, shifty peaks which actually set up some good, steep sections.The highlight of the event came in the Juniors final where San ClementeHigh School Junior Andrew Gahan, Huntington Beach High School’s BrettSimpson and Carlsbad High School’s Josh Montgomery were ripping the windblown peaks to shreds and putting on a electrifing display for thejudges and spectators. Gahan came out on top with a 21.5- 20.5-20.0 winover Simpson and Montgomery respectively. Gahan’s three scoring wavescame in at 9.5, 8.0 and 4.0. Simpson’s waves earned 8.0, 7.5, 5.0 andMontgomery’s came in at 9.0, 6.5 and 4.5.

Carlsbad High School Senior Jason Franco go off to a great startclinching a unanimous first place decision in the Mens final. The winwas Franco’s first ever in the NSSA regular season. His one NSSAvictory prior to this came in the Explorer Boys division at the 1998Western Championships.

Del Mar’s Jensen Hassett lit up the Boys final with a perfect 10 wavescore and backed it up with a good 8.0 ride. H.B.’s Ian Ekberg put on afine performance in his local turf and placed second thanks to anexcellent 8.5 wave score.

Another H.B. local, 11 year old Tommy Steury claimed his first evervictory in the NSSA taking the Menehuene victory. Tommy was shreddinghis homebreak and ripped three good waves which scored a 7.5 and two6.0’s for a 19.5 heat total.

In an exciting Womens final, fourteen year old Anastasia Ashley openedup with a strong victory over defending conference champion Amber Puha.Anastasia won the Explorer Womens division of the 2001 NSSA WesternChampionships.

There was a bumper crop of high scoring rides in the Masters finalbetween Manhattan Beach’s Greg Browning, H.B. local Barry Deffenbaughand defending Masters champion Darren Brilhart. Browning came out ontop with wave scores of 8.0, and two 7.0’s.D-Baugh kept it close logging scores of 8.0 and 7.0 on two waves,however his third scoring 5.0 ride wasn’t enough. Third place finisherDarren Brihart suffered the same fate lacking a third good wave withscores coming in at 7.0, 6.0 and 4.5. Defending National Champion ChadWells came off a good semi-final performance, but fell out of sync inthe final to place 4th.

Defending Seniors Champion Chas Wickwire nailed the win in the Seniorsdivision with a decisive 20.0 ? 16.0 win over Mike Glevy. Chas is goingfor a four-peat in the Seniors division which would tie him with MikeLamm’s four consecutive titles 1995-1998. Chas took over in 1999 andapparently won’t be satisfied until he snaps the record. This will be aclosely watched race!

Defending Southwest champion Patrick Schlick took a unanimous firstplace decision in the Super Seniors final over reigning NSSA WesternChampion Steve Weaver.

COMING UP¿NSSA Open Season #2, September 29-30 at Oceanside SouthJetty.The O’Neill Surfing Magazine (OSMAS) NSSA Division Airshow series willlaunch it’s first of four events scheduled for the Southwest Open Seasonon September 29.



1- Jason Franco – Carlsbad
2- Sean Taylor – Carlsbad
3- Willie Safreed – Cypress
4- Dan Fennell – Huntington Beach
5- Mike Maurer – San Clemente
6- Chris Davis – San Diego

1- Andrew Gahhan – San Clemente
2- Brett Simpson – Garden Grove
3- Josh Montgomery – Carlsbad
4- Darrell Goodrum – Leucadia
5- Patrick Gudauskas – San Clemente
6- Willie Safreed – Cypress

1- Jensen Hassett – Del Mar
2- Ian Ekberg – Huntington Beach
3- Max McIlwee – San Clemente
4- Matt Calderon – Capistrano Beach
5- Eddie Lester – El Segundo
6- Matt Mohagen – Culver City

1- Tommy Steury – Huntington Beach
2- Chris Slayter – San Diego
3- Jeff Lukasik – San Clemente
4- Andrew Doheny – Newport Beach
5- Brandon Rambo – Capistrano Beach
6- Brent Savage – Laguna Niguel

1- Anastasia Ashley – San Clemente
2- Amber Puha – Oceanside
3- Stephanie Cadman – San Clemente
4- Erica Hosseini – Newport Beach
5- Karin Moran – San Clemente
6- Monica Cardoza – Huntington Beach

1- Greg Browning – Manhattan Beach
2- Barry Deffenbaugh – Huntington Beach
3- Darren Brilhart – Huntington Beach
4- Chad Wells – Seal Beach
5- John Roberts – Rolling Hills
6- Aaron Checkwood – Oceanside

1- Chas Wickwire – Seal Beach
2- Mike Glevy – San Diego
3- Glen Tilly – Laguna Niguel
4- Masaki Kobayashi – San Clemente
5- Dean Quinn – Huntington Beach
6- Phil Lockman – Huntington Beach

1- Patrick Schlick – La Mirada
2- Steve Weaver – San Clemente
3- John Silver – Carlsbad
4- Dwight Strayer – Malibu
5- Gary Goodrum – Leucadia
6- Bart Yarnold – Oxnard