NSSA To Induct Curren, Abubo and Woolcott Into Hall Of Fame

In the relatively short span of 26 years, the NSSA has molded thousands of model surfing citizens. World champions, captains of the surf industry, journalists, entrepreneurs and doctors are just a few titles NSSA alumni can list on their resume. Maybe because its message has always been clear: surf hard; work hard and you will be rewarded.

Once again, it’s time for the NSSA to honor those who lived by its mission statement. As OP’s VP of marketing, Michael Marckx says, “Whether they turned into pro surfers or not, so many incredible people came out of the NSSA program. We couldn’t be more proud to present this Hall of Fame. What is unique about this Hall of Fame is the NSSA has its members pick their favorites. Let the kids vote! NSSA members selected their choices in a field of three categories; a list that is a panoramic who’s who in the surfing world. The categories are Men’s Champion, Women’s Champion, Academics/Business. The votes are in! The celebration is on!

Guests of honor:
Tom Curren: men’s champion inductee – three time ASP world champion; former NSSA national team member. Tom will also be presenting a special Al Merrick “black beauty to one lucky NSSA kid!

Megan Abubo: women’s champion inductee – 2000 ASP world runner-up; four-time NSSA national champion.

Richard Woolcott: business/academics inductee – Volcom founder; former NSSA national team member.

Master of ceremonies: Peter “PT Townend

Location: Salt Creek beach, Dana Point. On the beach in front of the NSSA national interscholastic championship contest site.

Date and time: Friday, June 18 at 1:15 pm.

Come one, come all. Please join us as we roll out the red carpet for three amazing surfers.

For a full write up on the 2004 Hall of Fame inductees, please check the NSSA website homepage and click on Hall of Fame.