NSSA/TransWorld SURF Surfer Of The Month For October


Cory Arrambide
Age: 12
From: Rincon Point
Height: 4’9″
Weight: 75
Sponsors: Rip Curl, Roberts Surfboards, Pro Lite, Globe, Spy, Ventura Surf Shop, and Sex Wax

Well, he’s not the first NSSA/TransWorld SURF Surfer Of The Month, but he is the second and he’s only twelve years old. His name is Cory Arrambide and he’s been graced with the fact he lives right across the street from Rincon in Santa Barbara. Cory’s on a competitive roll that makes you wonder just how far he can take it. So far he’s won nine events including undefeated seasons in the Gold Coast Menehuene (12 and under) division and the Southwest Open Boys (12 and under). Cory’s so good he also surfs up in age category in the Gold Coast Explorer Boys division (ages 13-14).Cory attributes his success to sheer practice. Of course he’s having fun, but he also does something a lot of other twelve-year-old surfers don’t¿he thinks about getting vertical turns all the way to the beach. “I’ve been surfing a lot and practicing for contests” says Arrambide. “Practicing what they need to see in contests¿going vert and stuff.” Cory looks to another great Central California Surfer, Sean Hayes, for his coaching and inspiration, “He’s a really good surfer and I surf with him a lot. We practice wave judgement, getting three solid waves, and hitting it all the way to the beach.” In case you’re wondering, the record for most wins in a season is Michael Taras with 20 in the 1997/98 season. If you combine both Open and Explorer seasons, it would be Michael Taras who had a 9 event win streak in the Open. And during that, had a 5 event win streak going in the Explorer¿so that would be 14 consecutive wins during the 1997/98 season. It’s a tough record, but at Cory’s pace you never know.