O’Brien Takes Inaugural Volcom Pipe Contest

Volcom has been running the scene at Pipeline for a few years now. It all started with the original volcom house, a small one-story cottage right on the sand at pipe. Almost a decade later, and Volcom now has 2 houses, including Gerry Lopez’s famous pipeline fortress, and their own 5-star contest. It should come as no surprise that in their first time running an event at pipeline, they scored some of the best pipe of the season. In the end, it was local favorite Jamie O’brien, who held off fellow Hawaiian Danny Fuller, and Australians Mark Mathews, and Anthony Walsh, in a close final. The event finished up in classic conditions, 6-8 foot (Hawaiian) West peaks detonating on first reef, with ten point rides on offer at both pipe and backdoor.

Jamie O’brien 17.00
Anthony Walsh 14.87
Mark Mathews 14.14
Danny Fuller 12.16