Oahu’s Top Surfers To Battle Head-To-Head In Red Bull Rivals Event

Competition between Oahu's North Shore and South Shore to take place on Sandy Beach

WHAT: Red Bull Rivals is a one day surf event pitting Oahu's legendary shores (North Shore and South Shore) against each other. Top Surfers from each shore will battle it out in a head-to-head surf competition for ultimate island bragging rights. To keep things fair, the event will be held on the Eastside of Oahu at Sandy Beach (Neutral Territory). No major surf event has been held at this popular surf hangout location since the Gotcha Pro back in the Early 1980s. Besides bragging rights, teams will compete for a territory advantage in next year's competition and the losing team has to give the winning team their surfboards (similar to "racing for pink slips").

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Ten surfers for each team will be chosen byonline voting and teams must include at least one female surfer and 2 groms (17 or under). A "ringer" will be allowed to be a part of each team and does not have to be disclosed until day of competition (this can be any surfer from anywhere in the world).

Online voting: The contestants will be determined by YOU, the public. Vote now for your who you want to represent the NORTH SHORE (Country) and who you want to represent SOUTH SHORE (Town) on Saturday September 5th at Sandy Beach on Oahu. Voting is open till midnight on Wednesday, August 12th. So make sure you head there now and vote!


WHO: Twenty of Oahu's top surfers, trying to win bragging rights for themselves and their shore. Judging will be spearheaded by KaiBorg Garcia and his panel

WHERE: Sandy Beach (Neutral Territory for competing teams) Eastside of Oahu, Hawaii

WHEN: Saturday, September 5, 2009
10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Halftime will take place at 1 p.m.

Let us know who you voted for in the comments below. Who deserves to represent each shore? Plus, stay tuned to transworldsurf.com for full coverage of this inaugural event!

Red Bull Rivals contest, Red Bull energy drink, Oahu surf contest, best surfers in the world