Oakley Movie Separate Volume Showing In Newport This Friday

It isn’t that strange, that no two surfers have the same exact approach to a wave. It is an extension of character and everyone is different. In the making of Separate Volume, the intention was to show how each member of the team is unique. A lot of our surfers have never been spotlighted or even seen outside of a magazine, so this was their chance to shine. The movie also delves deeper into surfers that you have seen hundreds of times but still know nothing about. Nathan Fletcher has voices in his head that make him travel the globe and surf to a different tune. In typical Hawaiian style, Dustin Barca had to fight for everyone’s respect and it is undeniable in his surfing. You will see Brent Dorrington, who at 17 has that natural surfing style that echoes a young Tom Curren. Chris Ward’s unbridled power and mix of wild abandon produces spontaneity in every aspect of his surfing and his life..Sure we traveled to exotic locations around the world looking for world-class waves but that isn’t what Separate Volume is about. It’s about being different; it’s about surfing to your own Separate Volume.

This evening’s post-party will be hosted by Oakley at the Orange County Museum of Art, complete with a hosted bar and live entertainment. Special take-home bags are compliments of Squeeze OC.
Price: $40
Dress: Casual
Age: 21 & Over

Screening Schedule
Fri, Apr 21 8:30 pm Regency Lido Theater
(Screening Only) $15

Fri, Apr 21 8:30 pm Regency Lido Theater
(Includes After Party) $40

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Directed By: Matt Goodman
Producers: Pat McIlvain, Matt Goodman
Screenwriter: Matt Goodman
Editor: Curt Morgan
Cinematographer: Matt Goodman
Cast: Dustin Barca, Chris Ward, Brian Conley, Nathan Fletcher, Brent Dorrington, Adam Melling and Friends