Oakley Pro Jr comes down to the wire at Lowers

After 4 straight days of groomed and glassy peaks bending onto the cobbles at Lowers, the onshore wind returned to San Clemente, kicking salt spray into the squinted eyes of the 4 finalists of the Oakley Pro Jr. The sets were still pulsing, albeit a little less consistent than the previous days, and despite the wind, there were still a few clean canvases to be had. With 5 minutes remaining in the final, no surfer has dropped a massive score to take command, all surfers needing mid-range scores to take the lead.

First, a flashback to the semifinals, where Keanu admittedly, yet accidentally, pulled a Lance Burkhardt on Conner Coffin, pulling his leash as the two were paddle battling, which ended up being the difference in the heat, with Coffin eliminated. Ok, on with the final.

With under 2 mintes left, a pulse hits the lineup with all surfers getting at least one wave. The final horn sounds, no scores have been locked in. All four surfer have their ears perked like mercats. Keanu scores a 5.2, just enough to vault him from 3rd to first. Freestone, Young, and Andino all fall short. Victory to the Hawaiian.