Oakley Pro Junior Kicks Off in Testing Conditions in France

Oakley Pro Junior
ASP Europe Grade-1 Men and Women's Pro Junior events
2008 ASP European Men’s Pro Junior tour, Stop No. 6 of 8
2008 ASP European Women’s Pro Junior tour, Stop No. 4 of 8
Lacanau, France
August 7-11, 2008

Ander Mendiguren (EUK). Photo courtesy Aquashot/ASPEurope.com

LACANAU, France (Thursday, August 7, 2008) – The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Grade-1 Oakley Pro Junior got underway today at Lacanau in France in consistent but messy three to four foot (1 to 1.2 meter) waves at the central beach and Rounds 1, 2 and 4 heats of Round 3 were completed finishing in a stormy weather.

With all favorites not surfing before Rounds 3 and 4, unknown surfers and locals were able to enjoy their time out before big names start firing tomorrow.

Ormand Rangi (NZL), 20, competing in Europe for the first time this summer, was the most consistent competitor throughout the day getting through three heats and posting the best score of the day, a good 13.80 point heat tally (out of a possible 20) in Round 3.

“I felt better heat after heat”, Rangi said. “The wind and the tides didn’t help to surf well but I am happy I managed to do an air on the top of a wave to secure enough points and advance to next round.”

Rangi, whose promissing performances in the two recent events make him one serious threat to any surfer, aims at going as far as he can in the ASP Grade-1 Pro Junior event.

Jason Polydor (FRA), 17, last local competitor still in the event, was the crowd’s favorite today and advanced through to Round 3 despite a low 3.60 point heat tally.

“I am very happy with my heat even if my score is very low”, Polydor said. “I am used to surfing in these conditions and it can be an advantage on my contenders but it is very hard for everybody to post a high score. This is my first year on the Pro Junior tour and I am here to gain experience.”

Pascal Van Der Mast (NED), 17, got through to Round 4 in the dying seconds, posting a good 6.83 point ride (out of a possible 10).

“The waves are much better than in Holland”, Van der Mast said. “I was very stressed this morning but in this heat I felt much better. I don’t think about winning the competition because I have plenty of things to learn.”

The Marocan crew, including rising under-21 regional surfer Ramzi Boukiam (MAR), displayed very good surfing as well in the testing conditions and Soufiane Charoub (MAR), 17, won his two encounters consecutively.

“I am stoked”, Soufiane Charoub said. “I tried to surf my best but the conditions were more difficult this afternoon then this morning but I managed to get a couple of re-entries. I have no pressure, I want to go as far as possible and I will meet my friend Othmane (Choufani) next Round.”

The waiting period of the Oakley Pro Junior runs until Sunday, August 10th and all competitors will meet tomorrow at 8 a.m. to check the conditions and get things going if possible.

News, photos, results and LIVE scoring are available at aspeurope.com.

Heat 1 : Pascal van der Mast (NED) 9.83 pts, Roberto d’Amico (ITA) 8.77 pts, Jorgan Couzinet (REU) 5.30 pts, Joao Guerra (PRT) 0.00 pts
Heat 2 : Ormand Rangi (NZL) 13.80 pts, Pierre Rollet (FRA) 8.86 pts, Luis Eyre (GBR) 6.53 pts, Hadrien Baillon (FRA) 4.30 pts
Heat 3 : Mario Azurza (EUK) 11.10 pts, Hugo Robin (REU) 9.23 pts, Lewis Clinton (GBR) 7.26 pts, Basil Belime (PRT) 5.00 pts
Heat 4 : Jose Feira (PRT) 11.17 pts, Thomas Chamula (PYF) 9.67 pts, Ramzi Boukiam (MAR) 8.16 pts, Lyndon Wake (GBR) 6.87 pts

Heat 5 : Pablo Montero (ESP), Hugo Dubosc (FRA), Angelo Bonomeli (ITA) Jules Noibusson (REU)
Heat 6 : Guillermo Alonso (ESP), G. Gonzales Dominguez, Tanner Gudauskas (USA), Pedro Sanz Pinto (PRT)
Heat 7 : Marc Audo (FRA), Maxime Pellicer (FRA), Killan Raust (FRA), Tom Neushwanger (REU)
Heat 8 : Francisco Alves (PRT), Jocelyn Poulou (PYF), Ander Mendiguren (EUK), Jason Polydor (FRA)
Heat 9 : Vincente Romero (ESP), Martin d’Ambreville (FRA), Meelan Terruela (REU), François Herault (FRA)
Heat 10 : Yann Martin (GLP), Roland Lefeuvre (FRA), Shawn Dennis (ZAF), Thomas Fok Choeng (REU)
Heat 11 : Ian Fontaine (FRA), Kevin Bourez (PYF), Toby Donachy (GBR), Joap Guerreiro (PRT)
Heat 12 : Kieren Bulard (REU), Harry Delanne (FRA), Filipe J.Pereira (PRT), Josh Piper (GBR)
Heat 13 : Billy Norways (GBR), Dane Hall (GBR), Alex Baker (GBR), Keone Cambell (NZL)
Heat 14 : Naoum Ildefonsse (FRA), Antoine Chamoux (FRA), Tom Cloarec (FRA), William Aliotti (FRA)
Heat 15 : Stuart Campell (GBR), Alessandro Piu (ITA), Yann Guyonneau (FRA), Louis Sempe (FRA)
Heat 16 : Leonardo Belime (PRT), Igor Munian (EUK), Soufiane Charoub (MAR), Othmane Choufani (MAR)