Occy Grom Comp Photo Gallery And Results

The highly popular Occy Grom Comp makes it’s second appearance in the United States as hordes of groms hit the shores of Huntington Beach for the free contest put on by Billabong. Initially started by Occy as a way to spend a day at the beach with his son, Jay, the Occy Grom Comp series made it’s way to the USA last year and this past weekend went down at Goldenwest Street in HB. Idolized by surfers of all nations, age, and gender, Occy made everyone’s day with warm greetings, great advice for the kids, and even put on a display of full rail surfing.

Sponsors: Billabong, TransWorld SURF, Hoven, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Monster Energy Drink, Surfline, and Fuel TV.

Occy Grom Comp


10-13 Final
1st – Matt Passaquindici
2nd – Jake Marshall
3rd – Colton Overin
4th – Ethan Carlston
5th – Jay Christensen
6 – Jake Saenz

14 – 16 Final
1st – Trevor Thorton
2nd – Scotty Weindhart
3rd – Daniel Bocater
4th – Colin Moran
5th – Sean Pearson
6th – Ian Ryan

Open Girls Final
1st – Leah Packpour
2nd – Lulu Erkenoff
3rd – Kandi Patterson
4th – Nicole Hines
5th – Chrystal Dean