Ocean Current Signs Derek Ho

Derek Ho
Ocean Current Signs Hawaiian Legend And Former World Champ Derek Ho To Sponsorship Agreement

Ocean Current announced today that it has signed Derek Ho to a multi year deal as Team Rider and Surf Team Mentor for the company. The four time Hawaiian Triple Crown winner will be surfing around the world, coaching the up and coming surfers on the team and spreading Ocean Current's message of Aloha for the brand. Derek will also have a key role in designing his signature apparel line.

The signing of Derek Ho and Ola Eleogram to the Ocean Current team this month punctuates a fundamental shift in the direction and philosophy of the brand. The company is under new ownership and is making a clear distinction between the old Ocean Current label and the new emerging brand Ocean Current. With the direction and focus of a new creative/marketing team in place as well, the future of Ocean Current is looking up.

“I’m really stoked to be a part of this company, the name speaks for itself. That was something my dad always told me before I could go surfing, be safe and read the ocean current, surfing was the bonus." said Derek. “We’re surrounding our selves with incredible surfing at every level, I can help with coaching and putting together a quality surf team, some designing and building a bigger better future with Ocean Current and the fine people behind it.”

"Derek was one of my hero's growing up, I remember all the incredible photos of him looking so casual in the barrel at Pipe. To this day he is getting the best waves out at pipe and killing it in small surf too. He just rips. Derek is also an extremely creative individual, he has a lot of great ideas, his artwork is inspiring, and I'm really looking forward to working with him from an art and design perspective as well. It has been great getting to know him over the last few months, he is a soft-spoken Pipeline slayer with true aloha spirit. We are stoked to have him on the team." said Ocean Current's creative/brand director Morgan Ghan.

Marketing and Team manager Aaron Astorga had this to say "Derek Ho is a surfing Icon, I’m excited to see what the future holds for Derek and we’re looking forward to working with him."

Ocean Current is an action sports lifestyle brand headquartered in Southern California. It designs and manufactures quality Young Men and Men's apparel across all categories.