Ocean & Earth Signs Owen Wright

Photo: Owen Wright courtesy - Rip Curl

Photo: Owen Wright courtesy - Rip Curl

Ocean & Earth International Signs Owen Wright To Its Surf Accessory Team

Sussex Inlet, NSW Australia July 16th, 2010Ocean & Earth International are proud to announce the signing of Owen Wright to the Surf Accessory Team using our tail pads and leashes.

Owen is regarded as one of the most exciting surfers in the world today, and hailed as a future world champion. Owen grew up in Culburra, on the South Coast of N.S.W, half an hour drive, from Ocean and Earth's headquarters in Sussex Inlet NSW Australia. From a young age Owen has been at the forefront of progressive surfing, and with his grounding in the powerful waves of the South Coast, is regarded as one of the best big wave surfers on tour. Being his first year on the World Tour, at the young age of 19, Owen is already sitting at number 11 on the ratings, with bigger results to come. "He defiantly has it all, from big waves to small waves, and his attitude and determination, blows me away. I defiantly think he has what it takes to be a world champion." said Phil Macdonald former WCT Surfer and now Business Development Officer for Ocean and Earth International.

"I am really excited to be riding for a core South Coast surfing company from where I grew up". They have always had the best tail pads and leashes in the world; you can really notice the difference". I will be releasing my new signature tail pads also in September which will incorporate my signature 'the claw". I have also seen the soon to be released new "one" piece leash. It's amazing in design and will be 40% stronger than any leash on the market.

Paul Munten Ocean & Earth's International CEO said, "Owen's quiet nature and clean living lifestyle is respected by all in the industry and he is a role model for young grommets all around the globe. His style is smooth and tight in the pocket with a handbook of aerial maneuvers. Owen loves nothing more than floating above the lip, but is just as happy in big meaty barrels". We are stoked to have Owen on the team using our tail pads and leashes.