Of Course Slates is at Bells

Classic Slater at classic Bells. Photo: ASP

Kelly Slater will be at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach presented by Snickers. After winning the first event of the year at Snapper Rocks, Slater was uncertain if he was going to compete, and actually officially withdrew last week. It’s only fitting that the event is presented by Snickers, because that is what was heard around the world when Slater, a competitive freak, said he wouldn’t compete, countless snickers.

A combination of things influenced my decision to come to Bells,? said Slater. ?I had called ASP Tour Manager Renato Hickel to ask to be officially taken out of the event and that is when he asked me if I had seen the swell forecast.?

Swell charts and conditions predict a pretty good chance of classic Bells.

?I was also checking out some media online and I came across some video interviews that the Geelong Advertiser had done with the locals about whether or not I would come,? said Slater. ?There were some pretty strong responses about wanting to see me there. So that, the swell and some changes in my personal life and suddenly it was perfect timing for me to get away. All the signs pointed this direction so it seemed like the thing to do.?

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