Official 2004 USA Surf Team Announced

The following athletes are named to the 2004 USA Surf Team and are listed alphabetically by Division. There is no ranking of athletes once they are on the USA Surf Team. The USA Surf Team coaching staff is responsible to determine which athletes will compete on an event-by-event basis and Surfing America reserves the right to add professional athletes to this Roster for ISA events if needed.

The USA Surf Team is an ongoing, developmental program. The USA Surf Team, selected each year, will participate in organized training sessions and programs during their term as a USA Surf Team Member.

Morgan Faulkner — Texas
Dane Gudauskas — California
Patrick Gudauskas — California
Charlie Guss- South Carolina
Kaimi Hui Hui — Hawaii
Jeremy Johnston — Florida

Courtney Conlogue — California
Bethany Hamilton — Hawaii
Colleen Mehlberg — California
Kelly Nicely — North Carolina

Boys Under 18
Ben Graeff — New Jersey
Dylan Graves — Puerto Rico
Alex Gray — California
Eddie Guilbeau — Florida
Nick Rozsa — California
Dane Ward — California

Boys Under 16
Travis Beckman — Florida
Eric Geiselman — Florida
Tanner Gudauskas — California
Blake Jones — Florida
Matt Mohagen — California
Marty Weinstein — California

Girls Under 18
Christa Alves — Florida
Connie Arias — Florida
Alana Blanchard — Hawaii
Erica Housseini — California
Karina Petroni — Florida
Lauren Sweeney — California

Troy Mothershead — California
Tony Silvagni — North Carolina
Christian Wach — California

Tim Hoste — New Jersey
Devin Ricke — Florida
Chris Welpman — California