Old School Surfers To Sue Santa Cruz Businessman

As reported on www.mercurynews.com
Santa Cruz Surfing Museum
SANTA CRUZ – A group of old school surfers sued Santa Cruz resident Ryan Rittenhouse in U.S. District Court late Tuesday afternoon, accusing Rittenhouse of trademark infringement, elder abuse, and a host of other illegal activities as they seek to reclaim a club logo and photos that members created in the late 1930s but Rittenhouse trademarked in 2004 and now sells as his own on T-shirts, women’s underwear and other apparel.

On Wednesday, Rittenhouse responded with a letter to the Santa Cruz City Council proposing that he take over the city’s Surfing Museum and everything in it and run it as his own private, for-profit business, sell the apparel at issue in the museum, and employ the group of surfers that is suing him as volunteers. The city cut off funding to the museum earlier this month.

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