On Tour: Reef Trip – 4.7

On Tour: Reef Trip

Baby Got Back


Everyone has their favorite. As the first few pages of the latest surf mag are thrown carelessly to the left, the frantic flipping comes to a stop and the eyes are involuntarily drawn to the scantily clad rear end of this month’s Reef girl. This successful experiment in the “sex sells” approach to advertising has made the annual Reef girl calendar an item rivaling the popularity of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition among young males. So when Reef offered us a chance to tag along on their latest athlete and model photo shoot/surf trip to Puerto Rico, how could we in good conscious say no? So sit back, relax, and get acquainted with the Reef girls and surfers-there’s more to them than their backsides. Really.-S.P.

Fred Patacchia’s Puerto Rico Journal

Entry One

Day one was an introductory day. We all settled in and had our little meeting. Personally, I thought the meeting was the funniest thing ever. They all the Reef executives had their own introductory speeches and a slide show that was very organized and sophisticated. It was a part of Reef I’d never seen before. As an athlete, I don’t really see what happens behind the scenes. All I see is the fun side of everyone. During that ten-minute meeting, I got to see everyone’s serious side. It was one of those “you had to be there” moments.

Entry Two


Okay, there’re no waves! I mean, we’re surfing and all, but there’re more lifestyle shots than action shots. I was hoping they’d even out. At least everyone here is really cool and easy to work with. I would just like to stand in a barrel a few times, that’s all. Or maybe even do a turn-like a good turn. Yeah, that would be pretty cool. Well, we have a few days left, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Entry ThreeWe’re just killin’ three birds with one stone on this trip. We found a good spot for surf shots. It’s not Pipe or anything, but it’ll do. We’re freakin’ getting mental lifestyle stuff. The girls are on fire, and as for us surfers, well, Heather from Reef and the gang are trying their best to make us look as good as possible. She keeps reminding us that our clothes have to match. So my purple and green outfit with blue shoes was definitely out of the question. On top of all this, we’re exercising. Aaron Chang and Bielmann have us running up and down trails and steps, through tunnels, swinging from trees, jumping over fire pits. It’s like a little boot camp they have going here, with Chang, Bielmann, Marcelo, and Heather as our drill sergeants.

Entry FourI’m the worst pool player in the world. I feel sorry for my pool partner Danilo. It was down to two balls, counting the eight ball, and I had the easiest shot in the world. No matter where I hit it with the cue ball, it would have gone in guaranteed. And guess what-I totally kooked it and missed. I couldn’t believe it-I wasn’t even close. That shot cost us the game. To make matters worse, we lost to a girl-Heather, to be exact, and her partner Rob. Later on that night, I ate away my sorrows and ordered the $36.95 Surf and Turf-a steak and lobster plate that was absolutely ‘ono. But I still couldn’t get over losing to a girl (I wasn’t stoked). Man, I gotta practice my pool skills.

Melina Fasciana’s Puerto Rico Journal

Entry One


Ben Bourgeois is really cool and quiet, but real. Jorge is great-very nice and friendly. We went to San Juan for a Reef party. It was really fun. We gave all the Puerto Ricans a laugh in the middle of the street, when we pulled our skirts up, showing our butts!

Entry TwoI talked to Aaron Chang at breakfast. I was a little intimidated when I first met him. Anyway, all the surfers are great guys and very respectful. I love Jeremy. He is so nice-not in that way, but you know. Also, my MTV Beauty Queens show was on, and I was on it. I was embarrassed. We had a great dinner tonight.

Entry ThreeWe hung out, laid out, and listened to Rob play the guit. I loved it. Rafael is a very nice, genuine guy. I’m having a very relaxing time. I needed this. Plus, I’m getting paid for it-that’s a bonus. We went to dinner and threw all the fish placemats at each other for amusement. We were all very hungry, obviously.

Libby Batley’s Puerto Rico Journal

Entry OneI woke up in this fabulous, quaint hotel and stepped outside. Breathing the clean air was so refreshing! We had a “butt” meeting downstairs at eleven p.m. Picture this: “Okay. Listen, butts, there’s a lot of pressure on you, but don’t worry.” Oh my God, it was so funny! I was tired and went to bed. I slept like a rock!

Entry TwoThe surfers are hilarious! Who knew? Rob Machado is so mellow, sweet, and not to mention talented! I’m not talking about his surfing talents, either. He’s so cute. He carries his guitar around with him everywhere. We all enjoy his presence! Fred Patacchia is a trip.

Entry ThreeMy room is a mess. Floor space is so rare in this room. I had a really great day shooting with Sanli and Aaron Chang. The morning light was so beautiful, and the scenery was perfect-a tropical paradise for sure. I never imagined Puerto Rico this way. I had completely different expectations until I woke up the first morning to see the ocean. I’m so flattered by Aaron Chang taking my picture!!

Rob Machado’s Puerto Rico Journal


Entry OneThe whole idea of going to Puerto Rico didn’t really make sense to me since 95 percent of the ads I shoot are shot within a one-mile radius of my house. Why go to Puerto Rico? Just invite everyone over to my house and we’ll knock this thing out in no time, and you’ll save some cash, too. But I was missing the point. We were gonna create the whole advertising campaign for 2002. Not only just for the men, but for the Reef girls, too. So you can only start to imagine how big our crew was. I had no idea.It really hit me when we tried to actually make a move on the first afternoon. “Everyone meet in the lobby at 3:30.” Sure, that’s really gonna happen. We’re talking about five surfers, five models, two photographers, and then the responsible ones. Good luck. The coolest part about it was that no one really seemed fazed by it. “Who cares? It’s warm and I’ve got nothing else to do.”First of all, surfers are always late. Don’t ask me why, ’cause if I could answer that, I wouldn’t be late anymore. Maybe it’s the lack of responsibilities and the fact that time is something I personally try to forget about. And girls are just girls. I won’t explain it ’cause you already know.

Entry TwoUpon arrival at any destination, we were definitely not mistaken for a Japanese tourist group. You could say that we were very noticeable. The most obvious reason: the girls really seemed to grab the most attention wherever we went, and I have to admit it did take some time getting used to beautiful girls walking around half-naked all of the time. It made me think about some of my first trips to France and the whole nudity thing-walking down the beach and seeing women completely naked. France 1994: “Are you kidding me? This can’t be real,” I thought to myself. “What happened to her bathing suit?” I asked my French friend.”What do you mean?” he said.”She’s naked and I can’t stop staring at her. Is that okay?””Just about everyone is naked, get over it.””Oh my god, she’s naked, too, and so is she. I love France!”And eventually you do get over it in some ways, but you never completely get over it. So it was a similar scenario with the Reef girls. You see the photos in the mags and the calendars. But when the towels drop, and they’re standing around in a very small bikini, my mind would wander back to France, and I’d laugh at myself. I always told myself that I never wanted to grow up. But no matter what you do or say, you’re gonna grow up in some ways.

Entry ThreeThrough my eyes, everyone seemed to really enjoy the trip, and hopefully all the photos we need will come out of it. If they don’t, and you happen to be driving through Cardiff, you might just see me posing in my front yard with some new Reefs on.ey don’t, and you happen to be driving through Cardiff, you might just see me posing in my front yard with some new Reefs on.