On Vice.com: Blakkbox Examines The Somali Music Scene

The guys from Blakkbox (a group of self-proclaimed “punk journalists”) are right now in the Middle East filming a skate movie. Here’s an excerpt from and a link to a story they did for Vice magazine while in Somalia about the most unlikely music scene in the world which appears on Vice.com:

Just to insure a pleasant trip, my iPod broke in half before our plane landed. So I was totally music-free later that day, out with my entourage of surfers and Somali escorts (a.k.a. one-eyed civil-war veterans), when my hair suddenly blew back off my face as I witnessed the most amazing thing I have ever seen to this day.

A group of kids were playing soccer in a vacant lot with a stereo blasting fucking Dizzee Rascal. Now, you probably don’t appreciate this as much as you should. Dizzee Rascal’s Boy in da Corner was being played at full volume in a place that is so separate from the world and its customs of civilized behavior that it may as well be Mars.