University hopes to impress students with virtual reality surfing

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Currently, promising high-school seniors across the nation are deciding which college they’ll be attending in the fall.

The University of California San Diego is hoping to impress accepted seniors with technology designed by UCSD engineers, virtual reality surfing.

The campus is located near the famed break Black’s Beach, but students who don’t surf could still virtually paddle out into the lineup yesterday with “shakeboarding.”

Students strapped into a harness and wore virtual reality goggles while riding atop a surfboard that vibrated and moved.

Virtual Reality Surfing

A student tries out the virtual reality surfing. The only thing missing is water.

“It felt like you were going to fall off,” one student said on UCSD’s Facebook.

More than 18,000 students have been admitted to UCSD, although not all will attend. The shakeboarding expo was part of Triton Day, which aims to impress prospective students.

The virtual reality experience ended with a fake massive earthquake that was simulated using USCD’s shake table.

Considering that the university also has developed an algae-based sustainable surfboard, UCSD sounds like a surfer’s dream.

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