One More That’s It: The phrase that will always jinx your session.


There’s a bar down the street from the TransWorld SURF office called One More That’s It. That has to be one of the best bar names ever. You can just picture a red-nosed drunk staggering up to the bar at closing time slurring, “Hey bartender. One more, that’s it.”

But the term “one more, that’s it” isn’t reserved for getting that last bit of alcohol poured into your liver. Surfers have coined this statement for their own use. We’ve all sat in the water near dark telling ourselves, “One more, that’s it.” The session is so fun that being fifteen minutes late for work doesn’t seem that bad. You catch a wave to the beach, look at your watch and realize you’re already late—then there’s a quick mental debate, a rush decision, and you jump back on your board to catch “one more, that’s it.”

The only problem with “one more, that’s it” is the imminent jinx that follows this phrase. We all know once these words are uttered, no more waves will come your way, and you’re going to be sitting there for the rest of your session. Saying “one more, that’s it” is like looking in the mirror and saying “Bloody Mary” three times—you will be dead soon after.

There’s no jinx stronger than the “one more, that’s it” jinx. Even if you think it—you’re jinxed. You can’t fool the wave gods—they read minds. You can’t say “I think I’m gonna catch a few more” and secretly think, “one more, that’s it.” The wave gods can see through your bullshit, and they will not give you one more. Be prepared to paddle in and be late for dinner.—Chris Coté