O’Neill Deep Blue – Worlds Best Surfers Check Into The Maldives

Some of the worlds top surfers will be making the journey to the tropicalparadise of the Maldives to compete in the O’Neill Deep Blue Open 2001. TheWorld Qualifying Series (WQS) event begins in just under one month (9th -16th June) and has captured the imagination of surfers and island localsalike with its progressive, mobile, ‘boat drop’ format which will take thewhole entourage of surfers, media and crew to the prime spot of the daywhere the contest will take place. The surfers are eager to compete in oneof the worlds most imaginative events and the locals can’t wait to see thepro’s ripping in their back yard. The most anticipated event on the WQScircuit is ready to cast off.

[IMAGE 1]Joint world number two Andy Irons (Hawaii) and Paul Canning (SA) will beamongst the strong contingent battling it out in the various turquoisebreaks at this unique surfing destination, while current WQS tour leaderMick Fanning, (Aus) fresh from his legendary winning performance at Bell’sBeach last month, will be looking to claim more WCT scalps in the Maldives.Team O’Neill’s aerial specialist Cory Lopez will be amongst theinternational contingent making the trip to paradise.

[IMAGE 2]’The combination of the worlds top surfers and mobility of the Deep BlueOpen is it’s key to success ‘ said O’Neill Europe’s Bernhard Ritzer. ‘Afterextensive scouting of the islands we have narrowed our focus to a fewpossible venues, these being the powerful peeling lefts of Lohifushi theawesome long rights at Jailbreaks, the mellow left at Pasta Point andgrinding barrels of Colas, this way we can ensure the competitors aresurfing a selection of the best possible waves available’

[IMAGE 1]With the logistics in place and the O’Neill Navy sized fleet ready to voyageinto the Deep Blue, the stage is set for yet another evolutionary event,deep in the Indian Ocean.