O’Neill Signs Brad Gerlach To Three-Year Deal

O’Neill is proud to announce the addition of Brad Gerlach to team O’Neill. Gerlach has signed a three-year contract for wetsuits and clothing.

[IMAGE 1]Gerlach has been an icon in surfing for the past seventeen years; his combination of power and style has been matched by few. Gerlach has brought a unique style of humor and fashion to the surfing world. He will continue his focus on performance surfing, whether it be chasing the infamous 100-ft wave, searching out the deepest barrel, or performing the heaviest gouge.

Gerlach’s most recent accomplishment was his attack on Cortes Bank during Project Neptune. Gerlach blew everyone’s minds at the XXL Wave Awards when they witnessed Gerlach on video pulling into the barrel on a 50 footer at Cortes Bank.

Over the next few months, Gerlach will be traveling to Australia, Tahiti, and South Africa, chasing big waves and shooting for upcoming video projects. While Gerlach’s in town, he will be a critical part of O’Neill’s R&D department, giving rider feedback to the O’Neill design department. He is very interested in product development –especially clothing that will increase his odds of pulling chicks.

Welcome aboard Gerlach, we’re stoked to have you on the team.