O’Neill’s The Life: East Coast Tour Recap

The O’Neill boys making a pit stop. Photos courtesy O’Neill

The last two weeks of August was a whirlwind as O'Neill team riders Cory Lopez, Jessie Hines, Alek Parker and Nils Schweizer piled into the O'Neill RV to begin a quest up the Eastern Seaboard.  The mission: to bring
O'Neill's new film The Life to beach towns from Florida to Maine.  The format consisted of arriving in every town for an early AM surf accompanied by the local grommet contingency, followed by autograph signings at a few key retailers in each area, and ending each night with a full on grass roots premier with food, girls and a rocking party. In essence they were like a traveling rock band going from town to town to spread the good news of the best new surf flick which is an amazing story of modern day professional surfers.

Alek Parker with lady friends.

Due to the lack of swell the morning surf sessions turned into a comical display of skim boarding skills. Let's just say the Cory and Alek should definitely stick to their day jobs. Although the lack of surf resulted in
minimal water time through the tour, it created more time for an intimate forum with the local kids to hang with the their favorite pros. The local communities embraced the grassroots style premier, and the highly
anticipated film had rave reviews from all audiences.

Groms going nuts for O’Neill gear in Rhode Island.

O'Neill's The Life features the story of seven very different individuals, all on the same quest of living out their dreams.  The film stars O'Neill team riders Cory Lopez, Jordy Smith, Timmy Reyes, Roy Powers, Ian Walsh, Tamayo Perry, and John John Florence.  With Bonus Features showcasing Pat Gudauskas, Dane Gudauskas, Tanner Gudauskas, Alek Parker, Nat Young and the rest of the O'Neill team. Look for The Life to hit retail in late September.

O’Neill taking over the capital…